Watch The 'Friends' Theme Song With Hamsters If You Want To Live Your Best, Furriest Life Today — VIDEO

Me personally, I was never really into Friends. That was until, of course, Mashable remade the Friends theme song with hamsters. I tried to get into human version, for the sake of fitting in, as most of my peers were Friends-fanatics, but it never pulled me in. To me, it was just a group of neurotic, couch-dwelling adults playing down their ages in a mysteriously large living room. At least Seinfeld's apartment felt realistic for New York. But all the stereotypical characters and creative license taken in building a "New York City" set really turned me off to the show.

But now that the cast has been replaced with hamsters for the sake of this viral hamster rescue foundation, I'm all about it. These cheek-stuffing fluff balls seem to have a lot more believable purpose on the set than the actors did. Watch them turn the mini set upside and attempt to put literally every prop in their mouths. But then hop over to Westchester Rescued Hamster Haven and look at all the cute pictures of the lonely pets who need a home. In the hamster rendition of Friends, there are no over-played archetypal characters. Joey isn't walking around with his foot in his mouth, Matt Le Hamster has only carrots in his mouth. In fact, they all learn to embrace their inner hamster:

Jennifer Hamsterson

Ain't nobody screaming at her to "pivot". Hamsters know how to chill.

Lisa Hamster

Come at her, Smelly Cat.

Watch the video below:

Mashable Watercooler on YouTube

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