Why It's Awesome To Be Single During Fall

"Isn't Fall the best?"— said everyone, every Fall season. And that's because, well, yes. Yes, it is. The weather is crisp, the apples crisper, and the outfits are flat-out adorable, but Fall is a perfect time to be single, too. Even though Fall signifies the year winding down, in some ways, it feels like a completely fresh start.

Sure, the air smells like camp fire, and it's quite possible you want to ignite a little flame of your own. It's very understandable. But before you get all bitter that you're still a party of one, a reminder: being single in the Fall is absolutely awesome. It could be one of the best seasons to be single, in fact. Aside from the fact there are so many activities you'll borderline be overwhelmed with what to do first, it's also one of the best times to reinvent yourself; not to mention, get ready for the new year ahead.

In other words, it's the perfect time to Fall all over yourself... literally.

Here are the six reasons why you should embrace your singleton this Fall, and why it will be the best season of you yet.

1. Fall Trips With Friends = Awesome

Apple picking, cider donuts... corn maizes! Grab your squad, and get all up in there. These Fall-inspired day trips can be just as — or even more! — fun with a crew of friends, than with a boyfriend or girlfriend. And you don't have to share your apples.

2. Pumpkin Everything, Sans Judgement

Basic, shmasic. Pumpkin lattes, pies, beer, face it: it's all delicious and fantastic. And guess what? You can embrace it all to its fullest without the "are you serious?" looks that a significant other tends to throw your way when you geek out with your pumpkin out.

3. More Money For Fall Clothes

Fall outfits are inarguably the best. Everyone looks good in their new "layer," including the sweaters, scarves, and boots. These Fall wardrobes are far easier to update when you're spending less money on outings with a love interest. Not to mention, these new outfits serve as great bait to nab one post-Fall season, of course.

4. You Can Craft Your Face Off

No, I don't just mean tracing your hand and making a turkey — although, those are pretty great. I'm talking new Fall recipes, baking apple crisps, and let's not forget the ultimate Fall craft: pumpkin carving. Honestly, what's better than grabbing your friends, some pumpkins, and a good knife to have yourself a little carving contest? Nothing, except maybe winning it.

5. Football Season = Flirting Season

When you're single during Fall, it means you're single during football season aka the holiday season for sports fans everywhere. Being unattached during this time is very beneficial when you want to root for your team at a bar, and maybe start of a friendly "rivalry" with the slew of hot football fans cheering next to you.

6. Three Words: No. Couples. Costumes.

Taylor Swift and her girl glam squad sounds like much more fun dress-up plan for Halloween, don't you think?

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