Reese Witherspoon's Site Won't Sell Black Clothes

Navy is the new black. At least that's the case for actress Reese Witherspoon, who said her site Draper James doesn't "do black," since it's Southern style-inspired. Witherspoon's comment to the Wall Street Journal should bum out the all-black wearers who were anxious to browse and shop Draper James pieces.

The Oscar-winner and mother of three was explaining how Southern style embraces matchy-matchy and avoids the color black. Witherspoon, who hails from Tennessee, praised stunning Southern women and their style in the interview.

She stated, "There are rules of dressing [in the South]. You put your clothes and face on like a suit of armor to start the day. You’re always dressed before 10 a.m. We dress to sit on airplanes and to sit at the theater. Nobody wears sweatpants to go to dinner."

Racked pointed out that when asked how that translates into her Draper James site, the actress responded, "We emphasize coordination of different pieces for a pulled together look. Matching items, like matching your shoes to you handbag, is not a bad thing in the south. It’s a return to pretty clothes. We also do a lot with bright colors and patterns. We don't do black. Our black is navy."

OK, so dark colors are fine. It's just that navy is preferred over black.

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The avoidance of black might sound like an antiquated style rule, like not mixing prints or not wearing white post-Labor Day. But Witherspoon at least put her comment in context. "It’s just not done," she said. "People wear black to funerals."

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The actress even admitted that she was in her teens by the time she got her first pair of black trousers.

"I didn’t wear black at all when I was young and was only allowed to buy my first pair of black pants when I was 15," she confessed.

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We have seen the actress in black many times on the red carpet, though. I can only assume she's been making up for lost time with the shade. But even though I wear all black, with the exception of blue denim, I can understand why Witherspoon is keeping Draper James adherent to southern style hallmarks. Having a theme will certainly help her lifestyle site thrive and prosper.

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Witherspoon does look great in LBDs. Just 'sayin'.

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LBDs are a staple of her red carpet looks.

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I still love Reese Witherspoon and will peep her lifestyle offerings, even if Draper James is avoiding my signature black clothing.