8 Reasons Brooks Ayers Is Just Not At All Worthy Of Dating Vicki Gunvalson

At first, it might seem like Vicki Gunvalson has it all. She's the only remaining original cast member from Real Housewives. She has an extremely successful insurance business. She is the mother of two kids and a grandmother of two more. It really seems like the OG of the OC has it all going on. The only category that could use some work, in my opinion, is her love life. I never know what's going on with her up and down relationship status with Brooks Ayers. Real talk, Brooks is the worst. Vicki is a wonderful person and she deserves way more than what Brooks has to offer. There have been plenty of reasons why Brooks isn't worthy of Vicki so far, and I'm sure there will be plenty more.

This dude has made one mistake after another, and it just seems to be getting worse. I have no idea how Vicki keeps taking him back every time. Plus it seems like none of her friends or family approve, so that is definitely not easy for her. I really think Vicki needs to kick this loser to the curb once and for all. Vicki is smart and successful. She does not deserve the drama of this relationship. She can do a million times better than Brooks. If one of these things happened to me, I would be so done with a guy. So I can't even imagine that Vicki has gone through all of this and still wants Brooks in her life. Here's why she totally needs to let him go:

1. Brooks Allegedly Told Brianna's Husband To Hit Her

Telling your girlfriend's daughter's husband to hit her is a definite red flag. This alone is reason enough for Vicki to give this dude the boot. In a confrontation with Brooks, Brianna exclaimed, "you told my husband to start hitting me?!" Brianna claimed that his conversation with her husband was recorded and that Brooks gave that advice to "keep her in line."

2. Brooks Seems To Be Faking Cancer

Brooks is kind of an honorary housewife this season. Everyone will not get over his mysterious cancer diagnosis. He decided not to do chemotherapy and refused to share his medical records to prove that he was not lying. Plus he doesn't seem to care that Vicki is being ostracized and losing friends over these accusations. Even if Brooks is being truthful, there is definitely a way that he could make this experience better for Vicki.

3. Brooks Allegedly Cheated On His Ex-Wife With His Baby Mama

Brooks's ex-wife Kim publicly called him out for "a history of cheating" in a RadarOnline interview. What's her proof? He fathered a child with another woman while they were married. That seems pretty solid to me. Everything about this just screams "shady" to me.

4. Brooks Has Serious Financial Problems

Vicki doesn't necessarily need a dude with money. She has plenty of it herself, but I just don't think she should be involved with someone who has been so shady with his finances. In a recording, Brooks claimed to owe a lot of money to child support, the IRS, and even Vicki herself. So he's either lying or he really does owe tons of money. Neither of those scenarios make for a great boyfriend.

5. Brooks Has Been Accused Of Being A Deadbeat Dad

Brooks was featured in a 20/20 special on deadbeat dads. His ex-girlfriend Nicollete Catanzarite claimed that he refers to their son as his "extra child" and that he does not have a relationship with the boy. She also said, "He bailed on the hospital bill, the pediatrician bill, and left me with all of it.” Brooks's ex-wife Kim has also had him arrested for not paying child support.

6. Brooks Picked A Fight With Tamra Over The "Evil Eye"

Tamra and Vicki used to have the most solid friendship on RHOC. That was until Brooks entered the picture and caused a major fight between the two of them when he claimed that Tamra gave Vicki the "evil eye", and their relationship has remained fractured ever since.

7. Brooks Admitted To Cheating On Vicki With Prostitutes

This dude really has the worst luck with the audio and video recordings. He should really be more careful the next time he reveals his illicit behavior. In yet another scandalous video, Brooks admitted to cheating on Vicki with prostitutes. Again, whether this is true or not, he still put it out there and this is not the kind of person Vicki deserves.

8. Brooks Has Been Involved In Vicki's Business Troubles

I have no idea why Vicki would ever allow Brooks into her business deals, but she thought it was smart to involve him in her vodka business. According to the lawsuit, this is what happened: Vicki's business partner, Robert Williamson, reportedly agreed to invest in Vicki's vodka company with each of them having 50 percent ownership. Vicki supposedly gave 16.67 percent of the business as gift. Then it got shady when Brooks allegedly decided to sell his share to Robert because, the lawsuit reports, he needed money to pay off the IRS and child support so he wouldn't go to jail. And the worst part is that the deal was supposedly intended to get money out of Robert without honoring the change in ownership.

It's hard to tell what is really true and to what extent, but it seems pretty clear that Vicki Gunvalson has been involved in a great deal of drama resulting from this relationship and I don't think she deserves that. If Brooks really cares about Vicki, he would let her go and try to resolve all of these issues before committing to her even further.