13 Reasons 'Rugrats' Had The Best Opening Credits Ever, From The Robot Cat To Vacuum-Riding

As a classic child of the '90s, Rugrats was really one of my favorite TV shows of all time. Not only did I look up to the cruel swagger of Angelica Pickles, but every time that diaper would fly through the air my heart would soar with it. Honestly I'm hoping that with reruns on The Splat we get to relive those OG opening credits. Because while some may argue that other Nickelodeon cartoon opening credits were the veritable best opening credits ever, let me tell you, nothing compares to the timeless appeal of The Rugrats.

First of all, I have to give some snaps to the musicality of the theme song. Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo actually composed the song (and really all of the background music), so it has very high end credentials. But I'm impressed because the sound invokes a very real sense of infancy. I'm not even sure what kind of instrument is used, though you can imagine it as if it was being played on your very first toy keyboard or the sad recorder they made you play in second grade. Brilliant.

Beyond that, there are plenty of elements that makes the original Rugrats opening credits great. For example...

1. All The Grandparental Neglect

Aw, Grandpa Lou is all tuckered out from his stories about walking 15 miles to get to the grocery store. It's ok, there's only a half dozen unsupervised infants and a dog running around.

2. The Incredible Detail On This Bottle

I'm always impressed by the line work in Rugrats. It seems unnecessary, but at the same time it's so characteristic of the style seen in early episodes.

3. Tommy Reaching For The Stars

He's lying on the floor trying to reach for his bottle with his mouth, that's like the laziest thing ever. But also, I've been there, dude.

4. The Robot Cat

Wow, that's really going to put Pickles on the map. Probably because it looks absolutely terrifying.

5. These Matrix-Like Special Effects

Oh my god, when it zooms out and swirls around that's some straight up artistry at work.

6. Chuckie Riding A Vacuum

How on God's green Earth did that even happen? Is this a situation where the vacuum is wildly out of control and he's trying to just conquer his fears? Also, bonus points because I don't even think it's plugged into anything.

7. Phil And Lil Getting Into Legitimately Dangerous Situations

They're pulling out wires! They could fall off that desk and crack their hideously shaped heads open! AND GRANDPA LOU IS JUST CASUALLY SLEEPING.

8. Whatever The Heck Is Happening Here

OK, I get that Angelica is playing dress up and she looks fly as hell, but why is Spike getting wrangled into this? More importantly, why does Angelica have a bone in her mouth (ew)? Does nobody find this concerning?

9. When The Dust Explodes On Her

That's almost an impressive amount of dirt.

10. When Tommy Defeats The Evil Robot Cat With Milk

Not really a flawless design, is it?

11. When Chuckie Crashes His Vacuum

Again, just want to point out he could've been seriously injured.

12. Angelica's Ashes

I just love that she sees some dust and manages to switch from one innocent pose to another.

13. The Moneyshot

Gross. But really, this is a cool way to transition to the title.

Ba-ba! And there you have it! Definitive proof that the credits age well, unlike the babies. Oof, there's no need to revive All Grown Up, right?

Images: Nickelodeon/YouTube (13)