Creating A 'Bachelorette' Costume Is Easy

Every year at about this time, we as human beings all face an identical struggle: Coming up with the perfect Halloween costume. Among all of the people dressed as Elsa, or a minion, or even Pizza Rat, you want to stand out — and you probably want to dress up as something you truly love. And if that thing you love is reality television, like me? Do I have the costume for you! If you're a fan of ABC's overdramatic yet secretly compelling Bachelor franchise, the thought of dressing up as the Bachelorette for Halloween has to have crossed your mind at least once. And if you ask me? It's an awesome costume choice, especially since the most recent lady to walk in the very expensive Bachelorette shoes, Kaitlyn Bristowe, was probably one of the best Bachelorettes of all time

And of course, your Bachelorette costume doesn't have to be Kaitlyn if you don't want it to. It can be any former leading lady you want — or, if you're feeling it, it could be you, but as a Bachelorette.

But where Halloween costumes are concerned, there's a fine line between looking like you dressed up as a prom queen and people actually identifying you as a Bachelorette. Need tips? I have plenty.

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A Sparkly Gown

Everyone knows that all Bachelorettes wear fabulous gowns to meet their men during limo arrivals and attend rose ceremonies, so that's the most important part of this costume, especially if it has a little sparkle. It's a great time to break out the old prom dress for an encore— which is a bonus, since it's free! — or you can find one at a store like JC Penney, like the one pictured above. If you prefer something even fancier, I have good news for you: Homecoming season is quickly coming to an end, which means plenty of cocktail dresses will be hitting the sale racks soon!

Plenty Of Roses

Fake Rose, $6, Amazon

These can be $15 supermarket roses or fake roses you buy on Amazon. Carry one or carry a dozen, and feel free to pass them out all night long to any lucky bachelors you might find.

A Date Card

This will have to be totally DIY, but super easy. Just carry around a white envelope — or enclose a card with an actual date message, if you want your prop to be super legit.

An Engagement Ring

Faux Diamond Ring, $3, Party City

If you're already engaged, this is done. If not? Easy fix! Party City has super obnoxious ones like the one pictured above for cheap, so nobody will miss that giant "Neil Lane" rock on your finger.

And if you can convince someone to dress up in a suit and tie to be your lucky winner and act out a dramatic proposal every so often? You've got this one in the bag.

Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC (2), JC Penney, Walmart, Party City