How To Dress Like Your Favorite Cat Emoji

by Sadie Trombetta

From Cat Woman to Grumpy Cat to a sexy kitten, the cat Halloween costume is a classic holiday go-to. It's cute, easy to make, and always recognizable. It's a safe but fun costume choice that can be adapted to fit your own style, and it can be thrown together last-minute. If you're thinking about going as a feline this Halloween, then your choices are endless, but I think we can all agree there is one cat costume that rules them all: the cat emoji Halloween costume.

There are dozens of emoji-themed costumes, but the cat one is clearly the best. The many cat emojis are among your most frequently used emojis, and you can have entire conversations with your friends using them exclusively. They're adorable and expressive, and duh — cats are amazing, especially when they're in text-form. (You know that if Taylor Swift dressed as an emoji this Halloween, it would probably be a cat, and her own kitties Meredith and Olivia would be thrilled.) The question isn't if you should dress as a cat emoji this year, but rather which cat emoji should you dress as.

There's the cat with love in its eyes, and one that's laughing so hard it's crying. There is an angry cat, and even a very, very sad cat. No matter which one is your favorite, here is how to dress like a cat emoji for this Halloween, because is there a better costume out there? I didn't think so.

1. Assemble The Cat Base

Yellow Leotard, $31, BDance Wear | Yellow Leg Warmers, $10, Amazon

The first thing to do when putting your cat emoji costume together is to find your base clothes. The cat emoji is yellow, so dress in a yellow leotard or bodysuit, yellow tights, and leg warmers. If you want to add some style and keep toasty on a cold and windy Halloween night, add a fur vest on top.

Image: Polyvore

2. Choose Your Ears

Furry Cat Ears, $14, Meowingtons | Cat Ear Headband, $13, Amazon

Next, you have to pick the right kind of cat ears. You can get a cat ear headband, a cat ear hat, or even make cat ears with your hair. The choices are endless.

Image: Polyvore

3. Add A Tail

Your cat costume is little more than a person wearing ears until you add a cat tail. You can buy one from a costume store or online ($8, Accessorize), or you can make your own. Stuff a long tube sock or nylons with cotton filling or whatever you have lying around the house, and glue or sew the ends close. Safety pin your creation to your derriere, and voila, you're a cat!

Image: Polyvore

4. Put On Your Face

Once your cat attire is assembled, you have to put your face on. Purchase fake whiskers, or use face paint or eyeliner to draw some on your nose. Depending on the cat emoji you're imitating, you might want to add a little blush, and some cat-inspired fangs. Want to go all out? Use yellow face paint all over your face to really match the emoji's coloring.

Image: Polyvore

5. Choose Your Feline Style

Heart Shaped Sunglasses, $3, Amazon

The hardest part of pulling together your cat emoji costume is choosing which cat emoji to be. There's one with hearts in its eyes, a scared one, a crying one — how can you pick a favorite when they're all so cute? Once you do decide, you can use heart-shaped glasses for the heart eyes, or blue stick-on jewels to make tears. More simply, you can use face paint and eye makeup for practically any of them.

Image: Polyvore

6. Accessorize

While these items aren't essential to complete your cat emoji-themed costume, they could take your outfit from good to great. Add a pair of fish bone earrings or a fish purse, slip on a pair of kitten paws, and get a hold of some cat-styled shoes. Make it your own, and have fun with it!

Image: Polyvore

Images: Emojipedia