Applebee's Expensive New Year's Eve Party, and Other Crazy Celebrations

While you might not be the type to stress about what to wear for New Year's Eve, you're almost definitely wondering about finding affordable plans tomorrow night. After all, New Year's Eve and low-cost just don't seem to go together. Even New York City's Times Square Applebee's announced it will be offering New Year's Eve dinners for the whopping price of $375 per person. Yep, at Applebee's.

To be fair, Applebee's is going out on a bit of limb to offer diners a premium open bar, a huge buffet, a house DJ, and party favors. It is also a short walk from Times Square, where the ball will drop at midnight.

But we're still going to give this one a huge stamp of disapproval, and declare once and for all: Excessive New Years' Eve celebrations have got to go. (If only because we're bitter that we're not able to afford them.)

Here are three excessive New Year's Eve celebrations that top even Applebee's.

Tiesto's New Years' Eve Party at LIV Nightclub

You've probably heard of Tiesto, the Dutch DJ who records electronic dance music and has remixed several of our favorite songs, such as Britney Spears' "Piece of Me." This New Year's Eve, Tiesto is holding a party in Miami Beach's LIV Nightclub.

The minimum ticket price to get in? A mere $500 plus $40 service change taxes — that is, if you're female and want to get in before 12 a.m. (Male admission for before 12 a.m. is $750 plus $60 service change taxes.) But if general admission is too shabby for you (it'll only get you a premium open bar, which we suppose is cool), there are other options:

  • Mezzanine Balcony VIP Table for 8 — nearly $11,000
  • Lounge VIP Table for 6 — same as above
  • Lounge VIP Table for 8 — nearly $13,000
  • Back Main Floor VIP Table for 8 — same as above

We could keep going but we'll leave you to look at the insane ticket prices for yourself. (It just gets more depressing to see the prices slowly rise from $15,000 to $20,000 and beyond.) The most expensive ticket price is $50,000, which includes premium open bar, 15 VIP admission tickets, two bottles of Magnum Grey Goose Vodkas, two bottles of Dom Perignon, water and Red Bull, and party favors.

Go ahead. Be jealous.

Paying to Get Naked

A couple of years ago, the city of Miami made headlines with its "Nude Years' Eve" Party, topping the Extreme Party List. We've unfortunately been unable to determine if Miami will be repeating Nude Year's Eve this year (by the way, it cost $129 back in the day to take your clothes off), but we did locate a nude cruise by the aptly-named Bare Necessities Tour & Travel.

Tere Moana is the luxury ship's name, and it set sail two days ago. The cruise is entirely clothing-optional. The cost? $3,795-$5,395 per person.

Here are some of the luxuries the rooms come with:

  • Ocean view
  • Temperature control
  • Bathrobes and slippers
  • TV and DVD player
  • Bathroom with large shower
  • Hair dryer
  • Personal safe

That better be one nice hairdryer. Tere Moana will follow a route around Caribbean Islands, from St. Martin to St. Barthelemy. The cruise will end on Jan. 4, 2014, which means you still have five more days to hate the incredibly wealthy people on this ship.

Watch the following video to indulge in more self-pity:

Bare Necessities Cruises on YouTube

Billy Joel, Ben Folds, and Britney Spears Get Pricey

Ben Folds is talented. We get it. Billy Joel is a star. We get it. Britney Spears is ... famous. We get it. What we don't get is shelling out hundreds of dollars to stand in a sweaty, inebriated crowd counting down to 2014. This year, those three artists comprise the most expensive New Years' Eve shows, with Billy Joel and Ben Folds performing together for $477 a ticket in Brooklyn's Barclays Center, and Britney Spears' show coming in at $270 a ticket in Las Vegas.

Yes, it's that expensive — and that's not including dinner, snacks, champagne, beer, or whatever other expenses concert-goers will incur.

We suggest you just watch the following videos on YouTube for the price of $0 and call it a night.

billyjoelVEVO on YouTube
benfoldsTV on YouTube
BritneySpearsVEVO on YouTube

Bustle's also got a list just for you New Years' Eve haters, so hate away, if that's more your style.

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