What To Wear To A Wedding If You Want To Stay Warm — PHOTOS

Many assume that peak wedding season runs from April-September, and by most industry standards, they would be correct. However, couples have been increasingly prone to schedule the nuptials in the chillier months to save money with off-season deals. What to wear to a wedding if you want to stay warm is going to become an increasing important thought process when making travel plans to your college roommate's big day. With temperatures falling and more weddings coming, it's time to look at the best pieces you can rock.

When thinking about colder weather weddings, one of the most important aspects of figuring out what to wear is what type of wedding you're attending. Nowadays, ceremonies and receptions come in a wide array of forms. You may be attending a tented wedding or the bride and groom may have chosen to have both an indoor/outdoor ceremony. While tented weddings often include heaters, for those of you who are cold-natured, they just aren't going to cut it. For outdoor weddings, tons of couples have started to provide adorable flannel blankets as favors to keep you warm, but if the couple has chosen to go a different route, you'll totally need to prep for chilly evening air.

So what are some of the best options to wear to weddings to stay warm?

Sleeved Dresses

Dote Worry About It, $55, Modcloth

Cooler weather means more opportunities for dresses that have sleeves, and they're far more likely to keep you warm than a sleeveless option, obviously. Plus, don't be afraid to rock darker colors. It is the fall and winter seasons, after all.


Classic Opaque Tights, $7, Forever 21

Tights are perfect under dresses and if you've decided to rock pants, they'll keep your legs warm under the fabric.

Boots and Booties

Steve Madden Synicle Leather Tall Zip Boots, $149, Lorde & Taylor

Boots look great with dresses, as do amazing booties, and they're sure to keep your feet and legs warm.

Midi Dress

ASOS Wedding Drape Cold Shoulder Midi Dress, $69, ASOS

This dress is actually part of ASOS' bridesmaids collection, but it's totally wearable for every day, and the midi length will keep your legs warmer than a dress that falls above the knee.


Suit Pants, $35, H&M

Your mom may yell at you for wearing pants to a wedding, but who cares? You need to stay warm, and pants are the stylish answer.


Tommy Hilfiger Long-Sleeve Double Button Blazer, $95, Macy's

Whether you're rocking it over a dress or sweater and pants, a blazer is a great way to stay warm during a wedding, and you can shed the layer if you head indoors.


Kenneth Cole Double Breasted Peacoat, $225, Macy's

I'm a sucker for a great peacoat, and they're a fantastic way to keep warm until you're dancing away at your BFF's wedding.

Images: Unsplash; Images courtesy of brands