The Amy Schumer 'SNL' Promo Has A Real Tina And Amy Vibe Going On — VIDEO

As we've all hopefully had marked on our calendars since the moment it was announced, Amy Schumer is hosting Saturday Night Live on Oct. 10, and, if you need any more proof that she's going to completely kill it, look no further than Schumer's SNL promos with Vanessa Bayer. I don't use this comparison lightly, but these two have a real "Tina and Amy" vibe to them, and I'm obviously referring to Tina Fey and Amy Poehler. Yeah, we're breaking out the names of the big dogs here. It's that serious. Because these clips are seriously delightful.

Whether Schumer is pretending she didn't know that Bayer was her Trainwreck costar — that one's my favorite — or making listing off a bunch of ways she might be different since Bayer last saw her (skinnier? richer? more successful?), these two are a delight onscreen, and it makes me really want to hang out with them in real life. Thus the "Tina and Amy" comparison. Because when I say Schumer and Bayer have the same vibe as Fey and Poehler, I don't mean they necessarily have the same dynamic — they don't. Poehler and Fey's interactions have been built on literal decades of best-friendship, which you're not going to replicate just by putting two women in frame together, one of whom is blond and the other of whom is a brunette.

What it means instead is that Schumer and Bayer's relationship has a similar energy to it, in that it's two women who are equally funny, but in different ways, trading banter and sharing the spotlight in a sharp, cutting, yet ultimately respectful way. It's about a bone-deep comfort with each other that comes through in the clips, and a delight in the choices made by their scene partner that I wish wasn't so rare in our society. Take a look at this smile-inducing video and see for yourself.

Ugh, they're just so charming, and I think it all comes from their palpable joy in being there together. The way Schumer grins at Bayer when she's talking, and the way Bayer can barely hold in her laughter in some of the moments when Schumer is riffing, makes it clear that they just plain like each other.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are the pioneers of that vibe, so when I see Amy Schumer and Vanessa Bayer replicating that formula in their own way, it warms my little funny-lady heart.

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