The Spookiest Halloween Polish & Nail Stickers

If you want to go all out on Halloween, you need to put together the perfect costume. You may have your outfit sorted and maybe even your accessories, so don't let your dishevelled nails let you down. Treat yourself to Halloween inspired nail polish or nail art to really finish off your ensemble. You may be dressing up as a corpse bride, a zombie, or even a ghost, but that doesn't mean your nails need to look as if they belong to the undead too.

Halloween is a great time to experiment with different nail polish colors and nail art that you might not usually wear. Take for example this awesome monster nail art created by nail artist Miss Pop who was not only inspired by Halloween but also by Jeremy Scott's monster print crop top. If that's not your thing, why not try out a manicure inspired by Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Salem the cat? There are step-by-step instructions so you get your kitty inspired look just right. If in doubt one can always take spooky halloween nail inspiration from Lady Gaga who is always rocking an avant-garde manicure.

Or, if you're looking for the easy way out, you can always try one of these 12 polishes and stick-on art. They're just a spooky, but take half the time to pull off.

1. The Classic Black Nail Polish

Halloween would not be the same without black nail polish. Just like every other day of the year, this black goes with everything. Be your costume a cat, witch, or zombie, black is the most versatile varnish of them all.

Burberry Nail Polish In "Black Poppy", $22,

2. The Glow In The Dark Green

Glow in the dark nail polish is super fun, especially at Halloween time. Glow in the dark nails can accompany a variety of costumes from ghosts and ghouls to radioactive monsters. Be mischievous and spook your friends in the dark with glowing talons!

Envy Glow In The Dark Nail Polish, $4.50,

3. The Perfect Pumpkin Polish

Isn't this just the most perfect shade of pumpkin? With this vibrant polish you can create pumpkin nail art or other daring designs. Just like red and green are synonymous with Christmas, orange, black, and green appears to be the go-to color palette for Halloween. This particular Marc Jacobs polish comes in an (almost) pumpkin shaped bottle which adds to its creepy, cute charm.

Marc Jacobs Beauty Enamored Hi-Shine Nail Lacquer In "Snap!", $18,

4. The Limey Slimy Shade

Make like Slimer from Ghostbusters and sport a sickly green shade that's perfect for aspiring slime balls. Monsters and witches alike could wear this glamorously ghoulish color.

Nail Varnish In "Radium," $18,

5. The Vampy Red

For those looking to add a little decadence to their look, wear a blood red shade that would be a wonderful choice for creatures of the night and vampy vixen Morticia Addams.

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer In "Vintage Vamp", $12,

6. The Glittering Claws

If your nails grow super slowly but you want some scary talons to go with your costume, these glittery black false nails will work like a charm for witches and their cats.

Halloween Black Glitter Pointy Witch Faux Nails, $7.50,

7. The Vampire Bat Nail Decals

This simple yet stylish design will make your nail game soar to the next level. Wear with white polish as pictured or if you want to go super festive, paint your nails a pumpkin orange first. For those dressing as vampires, place your little bats onto scarlet nails for a doubly bloody, vampire bat vibe.

Spooky Bats Nail Decals, $4,

8. The Black Night Sky Shade

Inject an opulent vibe into your look with a black nail varnish with silver glitter. This polish — aptly named "Night Breed" — is a glam take on classic, black polish and is sure to be a hit with gals who want to dress spooky and sophisticated this year.

Nail Polish In "Night Breed," $20,

9. The Blood Splattered False Nails

These gruesome, blood splattered nails are a fantastically freaky option for horror fans who love the gory side of Halloween. They'd look eerily epic with most costumes from zombies to vampires.

Elegant Touch Halloween Nails - Vampire Kiss, $10.77,

10. The Witch's Potion

Make like the Sanderson sisters this Halloween with a glittering concoction comprised of blues, greens, and purples. You're sure to put a spell on all those around you in this polish.

MAC Studio Nail Lacquer In "Special Potion", $12,

11. The Spooky Set

This frighteningly good nail varnish set is the best for indecisive ghouls or those who like to mix and match. This Spookettes set is comprised of four fabulously named polishes: He's my Boo Nail Lacquer, Mummy Knows Best Nail Lacquer, I Only Date Werewolves Nail Lacquer, and the glow in the dark Zom-Body To Love Nail Lacquer.

OPI Spookettes Mini Nail Lacquer Set, $14.89,

12. Spidery Nail Tattoos

If you space on doing a Halloween manicure until the morning of Oct. 31, just pop these stickers on top of whatever polish you're already rocking. Instant spooktacular.

KISS Halloween Nail Tattoos In Ghoulish, $2.99,

Have your claws at the ready with these haunting Halloween nail accessories!

Images: Courtesy Brands