8 Dogs Who Are Totally Ready For Halloween

There are countless reasons to love Halloween. It's the perfect time to enjoy a night (or an entire weekend, in my case) of celebrations, haunted houses, and massive amounts of fun-sized candy bars. Many holidays come with the stress of nightmarish travel experiences, expensive gift shopping, and inevitable family drama — but Halloween is just pure fun and games with a healthy dose of creepiness. And let's not forget the best part — picking the perfect Halloween costume. Whether you prefer to plan a group costume with your friends or go rogue and find a totally unique costume of your own, it's the perfect opportunity to go on a guilt-free shopping expedition. And if you love arts and crafts — you'll have a field day. But us humans aren't the only ones who are passionate about the holiday — dogs love Halloween, too.

In recent years, canines and their owners have really stepped up their Halloween costume game. In fact, cities like New York have epic dog costume Halloween parades, where dogs can show off how amazing they look in their fanciful attire. Us humans sometimes have a hard time narrowing down our costume ideas. (Seriously, why can't Halloween be a week long celebration?) But costumes are a breeze for dogs since their owners handle the task of choosing what they'll wear. Their only job is to get dressed, look adorable, possibly participate in a costume parade, and then greet trick-or-treaters at the door.

Here are eight dogs who are already more than prepared for October 31st. In fact, some of these dog costumes totally put mine to shame.

1. Cricket The Golden Retriever

Before we get to costumes, let's not forget that every home must have a pumpkin during the month of October. If you go pumpkin picking with Cricket, you won't need to do any of the work — she'll pick out the perfect pumpkin and she'll even carry it for you. Plus, have you ever seen such an adorable pumpkin-picking partner? Yeah, me either.

2. Toby The Corgi

You really can't go wrong dressing a puppy as a hot dog. It's completely adorable, and you'll have the perfect excuse to make hilarious puns all evening — especially as you indulge in the spiked apple cider.

3. Kota The Boxer

This is more than just a top-notch costume— Kota would also totally blend if he suddenly found himself transported to the jungle right now.

4. Marty The Spaniel

Da na na na na... batdog!

5. Nina The Pekingese-Pomeranian Mix

Not to be a buzzkill, but isn't Nina a little young to be indulging in Mezcal? In the holiday spirit, I'll let it slide — but please, drink responsibly!

6. Gonzo The Mixed Breed

Gonzo's cape clarifies his superhero status — just in case there's any confusion.

7. Tucker The Golden Retriever

Tucker's lion costume is amazing, but his super friendly smile tells me that he hasn't quite mastered the art of looking as fearsome as a lion. It's OK, though — he still has a few days to practice being scary.

8. Marvin Woofski The Papillon-Corgi Mix

In addition to having one of the best dog names ever, Marvin Woofski is quite possibly the most adorable cub scout (my bad — pup scout) that I've ever seen.

So, what are you waiting for? If you're going to have a Halloween costume that even comes close to being as fabulous as the attire worn by these dogs, you better get to work!

Images: marvin_woofski/Instagram;, its_tobythecorgi, paigemmay, marty.mcsmarty, rkeyab, debbieleebee, mrsbrown1120, marvin_woofski/Instagram