Kourtney Kardashian Channels Her Sister In Jeans

After they both appeared with their own solo covers of Cosmo, I thought Kim K and her younger sister were a lot alike, but then, Kourtney Kardashian channeled Khloé in her latest outfit, and now I’m just like “Wait a second.” Because now Khlo and Kourt seem to be twinning. You’re making it difficult for me to keep up with you, you guys. Although, I can’t blame Kourtney for using her younger sister as her inspiration. Nobody wears a pair of jeans quite like she does, you know?

Kourtney wore jeans with a fitted top tucked into them and looked a lot like her little sis. Although, according to her, she was missing the [insert peach emoji here], which I can only assume means butt. When it comes to Khloé’s backside, she’s got it going on, so I understand where Kourtney’s coming from on that one. Of the sisters, I would say that Khloé’s got the most minimalistic style, often wearing jeans or simple (yet amazing) bodycon dresses and skirts. The look totally works for her, so I can see why she’s a source of simplistic style inspo.

I must say that Kourtney really nailed her sister’s style with her Khloé-esque ensemble, so props to her. I’m glad that she can admit when her sisters inspire her because I think we can all relate to wanting to copy their styles, right?

Here's Kourtney's version.

And here's Khloé doing what she does best.

1. Body Lookin' Like Milk

Rocking the all-white everything look, I see.

2. Just Peachy

Oh, here's what Kourtney's outfit was lacking. We can't all be like her, you know?

3. Blue And White

I love how her outfit matches the stripes.

4. Aquarium Chic

Yeah, yeah, the sting ray is cool and all. But, just look at her outfit!

5. Casual

She's got this way of making jeans casual, but, like, so glam at the same time.

6. Gray Feels

She looks great in gray.

I can see why she'd be major OOTD inspo. I'd say Kourtney pretty much nailed it.

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