7 Signs You're More Accomplished Than You Think

It's strange. As much as people make fun of our generation for being overly aspirational, we're quite hard on ourselves. Sure, we might be working in a climate in which we can grow our own jobs and finance our dreams, but we don't have the time in our schedules to acknowledge any of it. And in a time when the economy is so unstable and jobs are so transient, we're used to making these consistent, abrupt moves, whether they be lateral or vertical. That constant movement makes it hard for us to measure growth. And as the price of living is constantly creeping up, it never really feels like our pockets are growing deep or our titles growing wide.

But chances are, if you sat down and made a list of your accomplishments, you'd be surprised by how many there were. And if your list is thin, chances are you're not recognizing the many amazing things you've done to get where you are as accomplishments.

Take a mental look at yourself five years ago — think about the things you wanted, the things you worked hard for, the things you found challenging. Now think about your life now. I'll bet you've accomplished much more than you think you have. Here are seven signs that you're not giving yourself enough credit.

You Have A Home

It might sound obvious, but if you've managed to finish school and find a job that allows you to pay rent and call a place home, that's a huge accomplishment. Maintaining a home involves a lot of responsibility, diligence, and dedication.

You Have Friends

Having people whom you love and respect in your life is not something to take for granted. If you look at the people in your life and see them all as valuable, cherished assets, you're doing something right. Weeding out toxic friendships is difficult, so if you find yourself happy with your crew, you've done some good work.

You've Brushed Yourself Off

Getting back on the horse after you've fallen off takes a lot of courage. If you've failed, been fired, dumped, duped, and put yourself back out there, then you've grown.

You're Not Afraid Of The Future

The future is scary AF. If you're not shaking in your boots just thinking about it, you're more confident and accomplished than you think. You trust yourself and know that you have the tools and mental strength to endure whatever comes your way. Family, career, 401K — whatever is coming, you're not afraid.

You See Value In Your Work

As a young professional, you're constantly beat down by your superiors. It's rare that you're given the respect and credit you deserve in the workplace. If you're able to see value and merit in the work you're producing, rather than cowering with insecurity, you're in a good place.

You Stand By Your Decisions

Making tough choices is a part of being an adult. But standing by them and living without regret is a sign of trusting yourself. That's not an easy place to get it to.

People Count On You

If there are people who call you when they're upset, have a flat tire, or need advice, then you've proven yourself to be a valuable asset in their life. Having people count on you is a big responsibility, but if they do, they must know you can handle it. Give yourself some credit!

Images: Giphy (7), Comedy Central