How To Dress Like A '90s Kid For Halloween With 3 Rad Looks

Halloween costumes are a lot of work to assemble. You have to make so many little choices leading you to the big question: What are you going to be for Halloween? In my experience, the best way to go is to dress as your favorite decade, and these '90s Halloween costume ideas are clearly the most fun of them all. Going with a decade as your costume is so much easier than anything else because you a.) probably already have something from a themed party you attended, and b.) already dress in that same style, because fashion is a strange and cyclical beast.

And if you're going to rock out like a true '90s queen, you have three main options from the decade of total rad-ness: you can go grunge, classic clash, or neon everything. Grunge is obviously a nod to the takeover of grunge bands, Starbucks, and people too lazy to do laundry. Clash got cool because of none other than Clarissa Darling. She made it cool to stand out in the most unique and mismatched way possible. Neon colors were also big in the '90s, when dressing like a pack of highlighters was the goal. Here is how to capture the three best looks from the '90s for Halloween.

1. Grunge Gal


What you'll need: You need rebellious black boots, paired with a loose flannel shirt and a rocker tee. You want to give off the vibe that you hate the man, refuse to conform, and will do whatever you want, whenever you want.

How to do it right: The flannel should be left unbuttoned, and loose would be best. Then rock a pair of jeans or jean shorts with tights, and black jewelry and accessories.

2. Clash Queen


What you'll need: Several layers of printed pieces, and then wear them all together. Clashing is so much fun because it feels wrong, even though it's probably the least important form of "rule breaking" there is. Also, in fashion there are no rules.

How to do it right: Throw a few solid colors in there too. Any accessories will do, and you really can't go wrong with anything you choose. Just go nuts.

3. Bright Beauty


What you'll need: Everything that seems like it would be perfect for summer, bring it back out this fall. You need bright colors, and you need them all over your body. Also, Keds. Because Keds were kind of a big deal. Still are.

How to do it right: Big hair seemed to be a major part of this '90s style. I think maybe it offset the oversized top with the skin tight bottoms. It turned a relaxed look into an aerobic sex kitten. Gotta love the '90s, right?

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