The 'Parent Trap' Twins Would Be 29 (!) Today

The Parent Trap is the ultimate family film of the '90s. As a child, I watched the film on VHS tape (ugh, did I just date myself?) constantly and not-so-secretly wished I had a long-lost identical twin I could switch places with. I may or may not have spent considerable time trying to memorize Annie and Martin's handshake, although all of my attempts were futile. So it's scary to realize that The Parent Trap came out over 17 years ago, and now that it's October 11, twins Annie and Hallie would be turning 29. Sure, they're just fictional characters, but it's still totally crazy to imagine these characters as full-fledged adults on the verge of entering their thirties.

This got me thinking, where would Annie and Hallie be today? I can't be the only one wondering about the fates of the iconic on-screen twins. After all, The Parent Trap is considered cinematic gold, featuring Lindsey Lohan in her first starring role, and it's actually aged really well. As an adult, I still watch the film, although I view The Parent Trap in a totally different way — I never realized how drop dead gorgeous Dennis Quaid is or how preposterous it is for a child from London to go to a sleep away camp in Maine. The fact that I care this much, as do so many others, is just proof of how loved this movie is — and why it's totally worth imagining what Hallie Parker and Annie James would be up to today.

They Would Both Still Do This For Luck

Even as adults, the twins still do this whenever they need good luck.

Annie Would Have Grown Into Her Ears

Yeesh, sisters can be so mean. If you've seen any picture of Lindsey Lohan lately, it is obvious that Annie would have also grown into her good looks.

Hallie Would Still Be In Love With Leonardo DiCaprio

Because aren't we all? Swoon.

Annie's Zingers Would Only Get Better With Age

She was sassy at 11, and she'd be even sassier at 29. Annie's wit throughout the film leads me to believe she'd become a journalist, maybe for some entertainment-focused website.

Hallie Would Become A Fashion Icon

Hallie was not only able to excellently cut and style her twin's hair, but also have great taste in bridal hats. This leads me to believe that she would take advantage of her mother's fashion contacts to become a fashion designer and eventually a style icon.

Nick And Elizabeth Would Still Be Together

This makes me miss Natasha Richardson so much.

Annie Would Become A Wild Child

When living with her mother, Annie was super prim and proper. One summer with her sister and she embraced California living, pierced her ears, and cut her hair. I could see Annie rocking some tattoos and even more piercings today.

Hallie Would Become A Professional Poker Player

I already stated that I think Hallie would become a famous fashion designer, but it would also make sense that she would hit the charity poker circuit. Clearly the girl has some mad poker skills, and they would only improve with age.

Annie Would Still Do Her Secret Handshake With Martin

The actual mechanics of this handshake still baffles me but I continue to love it.

The Twins Would Pull Off Even More Epic Pranks

If they could already orchestrate elaborate pranks at age 11, imagine what they could accomplish with a driver's license.

Annie And Hallie Are Still Best Friends

Even after all these years, the bond between twins Annie and Hallie would only grow stronger. While the twins are almost 30, I like to think they are still causing mischief and having adventures.

Do you get the picture? Annie and Hallie would still be the coolest twins on the planet.

Image: Buena Vista Pictures; Giphy (11)