Amy Schumer, Aziz & J.Law Are The New Squad Goals

Last weekend, the trio of Amy Schumer, Jennifer Lawrence and Aziz Ansari hung out, making me wonder what exactly brought these three awesome people together — business, money, work? But it turns out this threesome's hang out sesh wasn't a one-time thing, as they were together again on Saturday, partying and having a blast after Schumer's Saturday Night Live hosting gig in New York City. Photos show Jennifer Lawrence giving Aziz Ansari a piggyback ride after the wrap party for Schumer in NYC, proving this new squad is the real deal — these celebs could actually be friends. I mean, if you look at their personalities and interests, it makes sense — this trio actually has a lot in common with each other.

Schumer, Ansari, and J. Law have been hanging out so often these days and I think it's starting to call for some kind of squad name, like AmzizLaw or something like that. They're gonna be spending a lot more time together in the days to come, too; Schumer and Lawrence are writing a screenplay together for a movie about sisters in which they'll star, and Ansari and Schumer are currently co-headlining the Oddball Comedy Festival. And with business and script rewrites aside, it really does sound like they've been hanging out because they enjoy each other's company, which should be the most important squad goal of them all. It's so refreshing to see this cute friendship forming in a world where everyone seems to have some kind of agenda or want some kind of photo op that'll break the internet.

While it may seem unlikely that two comedians would be friends with an Oscar-winning actress, I don't think that's the case — this new trio of friends has a lot more in common than we think. Here's why I think Schumer, Ansari, and Lawrence's budding friendship is legit.

They're Feminists

Ansari, Schumer, and Lawrence are all noted feminists; Ansari has even explained his beliefs by using an on-point Beyonce metaphor. Inside Amy Schumer is a comedy filled with hilarious, empowering feminist sketches and Lawrence has spoken out about feminism many times.

They're Foodies

J.Law has long talked to the press about how much she loves food. Ansari is a self-declared "foodie" and is dating chef Courtney McBloom. As for Schumer, a lot of her comedy mentions food, like her bit about forgetting to eat ("I've never been the girl who's like, 'Oh my god, I forgot to have lunch today!' If anything I'm like, 'Oh my god, I had two lunches today'") and she's pretty good at making sandwiches.

They're Funny

Lawrence has an Oscar for a her very funny role in Silver Linings Playbook. As for Schumer and Ansari, you know they're funny. If you need a refresher or a good hearty laugh, check out their stand-up specials, Inside Amy Schumer, or Ansari's run in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation. You won't regret it.

They Support One Another

Ansari posted on Instagram that Schumer "was awesome on SNL," in support of his fellow comedian and friend. Schumer posted a video to Instagram in which Ansari and Lawrence wake up Schumer's sister to get writing. Good friends keep each other accountable.

They're Creative

Lawrence told the New York Times that writing a screenplay with Schumer has been a blast. "Amy and I were creatively made for each other," she said. "We have different flavors. It’s been the most fun experience of my life." How did these two get in touch? Well, Lawrence saw Trainwreck and immediately e-mailed Schumer, wanting to collaborate. According to the Times, the email said, "‘I don’t know where to get started. I guess I should just say it: I’m in love with you."

As for Ansari, he's an accomplished stand-up comedian, actor, and author — his book Modern Romance: An Investigation, which he co-wrote with NYU sociologist Eric Klinenberg, is hilarious and insightful about how love and relationships have evolved over time.

They're Awesome

Look, these three people are great and, as you'd hope, they just become even more so when they join forces to hang out. Just look at the hilarity they created above.

Can Hollywood and this planet handle so much awesomeness at once? Only time will tell.

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