What Does Aziz Ansari's Girlfriend Courtney McBroom Look Like? These Two Are A Very Elusive Couple — PHOTOS

Even though Aziz Ansari is a lot like his Parks and Recreation character/icon Tom Haverford in many ways, they also differ significantly. Though they both have a penchant for amazingly tailored suits, Tom Haverford knows nothing about women, and Ansari just published his first book, Modern Romance, all about the science of dating in the digital age. (Although, if I were Ann Perkins I would have fallen for Tom when he sang "Baby, I want you to be my boo.) Modern Romance is getting rave reviews, which is no surprise because Aziz Ansari is like the King Midas of comedy. But like Jon Stewart pointed out earlier this week when Ansari was a guest on his show, even though Modern Romance is all about how to catch a boo more effectively, respectfully, and sincerely, the author doesn't need the help himself. Aziz Ansari has been dating girlfriend Courtney McBroom for a long time now. But what does the woman who probably has constant "treat yo self" days with Ansari look like?

Unfortunately, there aren't many photos out there of the couple together. And worse, only ONE is on Twitter. I expected more from you, Twitter! It shows McBroom and Ansari holding hands and both looking stone-faced, probably not too pleased with the paparazzi. It's not the most flattering photo, and Ansari looks like he's filling in as the host of Blues Clues, but at least we get to see these two lovers in love.

The two apparently started dating in August 2013, and yet, in almost two years, we somehow only have a sprinkling of photos of them together. Here's another one where they looked a bit more spruced up:

They're elusive, all right, but I guess we have to give them a break and also props for protecting their privacy. McBroom is a chef in Los Angeles, and though she's not tied down to any one spot, she does have a pop-up restaurant named Large Marge. And though her personal Instagram account looks to be private — you are really not helping me be a creep here, McBroom — the Large Marge Instagram has a few adorable photos of her in the kitchen whipping up treats, although again, sadly, none of Aziz taste-testing. Another way he's like Tom Haverford — they're both foodies.

She's the tall one!

McBroom and her friend and partner Leslie Discher are at the helm of Large Marge, and they've been turning out the fancy fare, more recently going summer casual with homemade churros and grilled corn. I know it goes without saying, but let's say it: Aziz Ansari is one lucky dude.

Image: Getty Images