16 Tattoos Every True Book-Lover Will Appreciate

It's been seven years since I got my first tattoo, but every time I see book-themed tattoos online, on Instagram, or on another person, I feel the itch to get inked again. I had always known what I wanted for my first tattoo, and I even made the appointment weeks before my birthday so it would fall on the day I turned 18 — yeah, I was that committed, and even more excited about it. Since that first appointment, though, I haven't gone under the needle since. It isn't because it hurt so badly or because I regretted my first tattoo so much, but the reason I haven't gotten a second tattoo is because I just can't decide what to get. There are too many good ideas out there.

Anytime I see someone with a sleeve of flowers or a delicate ankle tattoo, I think I have found my next plan. Most of the time, though, I contemplate which bookish tattoo to go with. Should I pick my favorite book quote worthy of inking, or should I get a Harry Potter-inspired tattoo with my best friend? There is no limit to the variety of inspiring literary tattoos out there, how is a girl to pick just one?

Oh, that's right, you don't have to pick only one. If, like me, you're thinking of getting inked, here are 16 tattoos every book-lover can appreciate that may inspire your next work of body art:

It may be small, but this micro book tattoo certainly is mighty — not to mention adorable, beautiful, and completely enviable.

When it comes to books, truer words have never been spoken. Or, in this case, tattooed.

Who needs flowers or birds covering their shoulder when this incredible tattoo of books taking flight is an option?

Beautiful, colorful, and a tribute to Harry Potter? What book lover can honestly say they don't love — and want to get — this water color tattoo?

A tribute to the fact books can take you all over the world, this scenic book tattoo is bold, bright, and utterly breathtaking.

When fantasy and books collide, they make a beautiful tattoo. See, even mermaids like to read.

For book-lovers, is there a better mantra than this one? When it comes to reading, it's either that or death.

Another fantastic quote about the power of books, this tattoo is made more complete by the small details around it, including the small scrolls and books. Precious, I know.

Books can take flight, and this tattoo shows just how high they can go. It's feminine, animated, and simply stunning. Where can I get one?

Cats + books + monocle = book-lover's heaven, and also the perfect tattoo. The bow tie is just icing on the cake.

Since we've all read so many books, I can only imagine this is what we look like on the inside. Still, there are never enough shelves for all the books we know and love. (Check out more like this one on

Nothing goes together better than books and traveling, and this adorable and colorful tribute to them both would leave any book-lover drooling.

There is so much happening in this tattoo — the pops of color, a water color effect, books actually taking flight — it's one that you could stare out for hours.

A wonderful thought summed up in a beautiful quote displayed in a gorgeous tattoo. Talk about ink envy.

The most beautiful teacup I've ever seen, this tattoo is one any book lover could appreciate. It features grand scenery, a delightful cup of tea, and a stack of unread books. This scene is book-lover's heaven.

Who doesn't enjoy a good beach read, am I right? This tattoo celebrates books and summer all year long.

Image: davidcwong888/flickr