9 Couples Halloween Costume Ideas For Sports Fans

With Halloween around the corner, we're making it our mission to bring you every costume combination you could possibly imagine, so buckle up for the best Halloween couples costumes for sports fans in 2015. And hey, if that doesn't quite fill your appetite, we've got power couples costumes for those who are "in love AND on a budget," and we've got topically relevant couples costumes for those who are in love and cultured AF. (Related: When the double rainbow video went viral, my best friend and I dressed up as double rainbows for halloween proving A. That I was the sh*t in college, and B. that you don't need to be in a relationship to pull off a couples costume.) We even have feminist girl group costumes, if your girl gang wants to rival T. Swift's this Halloween.

If you and your S.O. are feeling both sporty and (somewhat) topical, these are by far the funniest sports costume options. I grew up in a sports family, and still have some serious hockey and baseball-based loyalties, but in the interest of full transparency, I must admit that my father and I had a conference call or two re: hilarious sports costumes. What? I like to be thorough. And while I would love to suggest that couples dress up as Andy Roddick and Mandy Moore, or Nomar Garciaparra and Mia Hamm, something tells me those references just aren’t topical anymore. Here are nine funny couples costume ideas for sports fans this year:

1. A Deflategate Ball & Tom Brady

Gone are the days where Gisele and Tom were the couple to be. Now it's Tom and semi-deflated balls, and any metaphors that come with that. Need some ideas for how to personify the whole scandal? This clip will help:

Buy Tom Brady's jersey here, and find out how to dress up as deflategate ball here.

2. Marshawn Lynch & A Bag Of Skittles

Christian Petersen/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Nobody's obsession with Skittles is realer than Marshawn's. Get your Skittles costume here, and your Lynch jersey here.

3. Babe Ruth & The Cubs Billy Goat Because Then You're Both "Cursed"— Get It?

Jim McIsaac/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Because then you're both "cursed" — get it? Babe Ruth "cursed" the Red Sox, and the Billy Goat "cursed" the Cubs, so put them together and you're officially terrifying to all baseball fans — especially those with loyalties to an underdog team. First, you're going to need a Babe Ruth jersey, which you can find on Amazon. And then, you'll need a goat costume. (Baaa.)

4. Marilyn Monroe & Joe DiMaggio

Feelin' retro? Whip out that classic Seven Year Itch Monroe dress (find it at Party City for $19.99), and have the special guy or girl in your life throw on a Yankees jersey (which, if you're pulling off this costume, I'm going to assume one of you already owns). If not, find a vintage DiMaggio shirt here. Then sit back, relax, and prepare to be regarded as an icon.

5. Novak Djokovic & His Dancing Fan

ICYMI, fast-rising tennis superstar Novak Djokovic has become known for his goofy dance moves. And after winning a match at the U.S. Open, a fan danced with him in the middle of the court.

What you'll need: Tennis garb for one of you, and a U.S. Open t-shirt for the other. (If not, watch to the end of the video and you'll realize two "I Heart NYC" t-shirts would also work.)

6. The Aflac Duck & Yogi Berra

Yogi Berra recently passed away, so you can honor his memory this Halloween. He did an Aflac commercial that's been playing all year that made the sports community giggle (in a good way). You'll need a Yogi Berra shirt. And then one of you will have to dress up like the Aflac duck, which you can do by making one of these costumes work for you.

7. Minnesota Vikings Mascot & A Money Tree

There was a huge debacle this year when the Minnesota Vikings mascot demanded a sizable raise. It caused quite a stir. Get into your Minnesotan roots with a viking helmet and a fur vest.

$39.99, H&M.

For the money tree, you're going to need to DIY it. Go all brown (leggings, and fitted shirt) and then paste fake money all over yourself. Ba-da bing! The two of you are the money hungry mascot.

8. Tim Horton's Employee & Sidney Crosby

For an ad campaign this year, Sid the Kid (hockey love of my life) and Nathan MacKinnon (also a hockey player, but not my future husband) were in a Tim Hortons commercial reppin' the Great White North. Make Canada proud by recreating the spot. What you'll need: A Crosby jersey (sorry MacKinnon) and a Tim Horton's uniform.

9. Left Shark & Katy Perry

You better believe the Internet has enabled us all to buy a left shark costume. And then, to dress up as Katy Perry, you'll need as much glitter as you can find, a cone bra, and this 13-step process.

Have A Very Happy Halloween, And Just Remember, This Could Be You:

Think about it.

Images: Getty; Courtesy of Brands