Kim & Kourtney Dress More Alike Thank You Think

by Kali Borovic

The Kardashian sisters love to steal each other's style. From entire outfits to just swapping shoes, there's nothing these sisters down share when it comes to fashion. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian were style twins for their recent day at the zoo, and this isn't the only time they've dressed alike.

The two moms and reality stars hit the zoo in matching outfits that were actually pretty casual. Although Kim has a knack for overdressing, she switched it up this time by rocking an all-white button-up to match her sister. Of course, the two styled the similar shirts in completely different ways, showing that they are just as fashionable on their own as they are together.

While Kim left her button-up open with a white tee underneath, Kourtney chose to keep it closed for a slightly less casual look. The two also rocked black sunnies, but their frames had nearly opposite vibes. No matter how close their outfits get, the two find a way to add their own personal style to each and every ensemble.

Kim and Kourtney also matched with the furry friend that they snapped a photo with, as all three stuck their tongues out. I guess everyone really does want to be a Kardashian these days! Take a look:

On top of their own designer-filled closets, the Kardashians have five other wardrobes to outfit shop from. Can you even imagine that? No wonder we see so many similar pieces. Let's check out a few other times that Kourtney and Kim took style cues from each other.

1. All-Black Everything

In head-to-toe black, she stepped out looking completely fierce. Maybe Kourtney's look was inspired by Kim's see-through Givenchy gown?

2. Blazer & Graphic Tee Combo

Kim adds a more polished feel to her graphic tee by slipping a blazer over her shoulders.

Kourtney has been spotted doing the same.

3. Matching Boots

Because there's nothing better than sisters wearing similar shoes on the same night.

4. Barely-There Shorts

Kim kept all eyes on her graphic tee by wearing shorts that you could barely see.

Kourtney also opted for an oversized tee for her street style look.

5. Matching Waist Trainers

Kim started waist-training and got everyone in her family hooked.

Kourtney followed suit be getting the same one.

6. Wiggin' Out

Wearing matching wigs and purple makeup, the two look like twins in this shot.

7. All-White Wonder

Honestly, it's going to take a second glance for you to figure out who's who.

I can only hope that North and Penelope grow to be just as amazing style twins.

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