20 Pet Halloween Costume Ideas That Will Make Your Heart Melt From Cuteness

Sure, you spend a ton of time coordinating your own perfect Halloween costume. But, that doesn't mean you should completely forget about making sure that Fido is equally as festive. Luckily, there are plenty of adorable pet Halloween costumes that will immediately transform your four-legged friend into the life of the party — as if they weren't already.

Admittedly, I probably love my dog a little too much. And, I don't really think there is anything that could make him any cuter. But, some of these Halloween costumes? Well, even I have to say that they're pretty darn cute. And I'm not the only one — according to the National Retail Federation, one in 10 pet owners will dress up their animal companions this year. Let the "awww"s roll in.

I know that there are some people out there who are totally against dressing up animals. And, hey, to each their own I guess. But, those same people tend to forget that the same rule applies to me. So, if I want to dress up my mutt as a hamburger or a gangster, then that's my prerogative. Don't be jealous just because my dog is showing you up on Halloween.

So, if you're looking to get your pet into the Halloween spirit, here are 20 pet Halloween costumes that will make your furry friend even cuter. The hard part is picking just one. Maybe that means I just need to get more dogs...

1. Bumblebee

How cute is this fuzzy little bumblebee costume for your mutt? Definitely cuter than the real thing — that's for sure. Plus, you don't need to worry about a sting.

PetSmart, starting at $4.37

2. Hamburger

Sure, maybe a hot dog costume is more appropriate for your pup. But, this hamburger outfit is equal parts funny and adorable.

PetSmart, starting at $3.87

3. Turtle

If your dog is a little sluggish and lazy, this turtle costume is a precious (and fitting!) choice.

PetSmart, starting at $4.37

4. Big Daddy

You already know your mutt is a total baller, so you might as well dress him like it! Just prepare for him to look way cooler than you.

WalMart, $14.44

5. Sunflower

Your beloved pup can always brighten your day — sunflower costume or not. But, let's face it, this costume is a super cute touch!

WalMart, $8.97

6. Shark

Of course, your dog is far too sweet and cuddly to ever live up to the scary reputation of a shark. But, this shark costume is still adorable!

PetSmart, $4.37

7. Banana Split

Your pup is so cute, you could just eat him up. So, this banana split costume? It makes your mutt that much sweeter!

PetSmart, starting at $3.87

8. Bunny

Just when you thought pet costumes couldn't get any cuter, this fuzzy little bunny costume comes along and proves that yes, your dog actually can be even more adorable.

WalMart, $10.20

9. Mob Member

Your dog is obviously totally hardcore. And, what looks tougher than a classic gangster black pinstripe suit, a red tie, and a hat?

WalMart, starting at $17.75

10. Loofa

A pet costume that's both cute and creative? With this outfit, your pup is sure to be the life of the party.

PetSmart, $3.87

11. Mouse

There are tons of costume options for dogs. But, cats get a little more limited selection. Fortunately, you can dress your feline friend as an adorable mouse. It's the ultimate irony.

PetSmart, $3.37

12. Luau

Your dog will be saying "Aloha" in this bright luau costume. Even better? You can add a camera or a fanny pack, and your mutt will be dressed as a typical tourist.

WalMart, $15.19

13. Rocket Ship

Your pup will be up, up, and away in this adorable rocket ship outfit! Plus, it's a simple enough costume to not be completely obnoxious to your mutt.

PetSmart, $3.87

14. Flying Saucer

Your dog is so cute, he's out of this world. So, this flying saucer costume (complete with bright green alien!) is just what your pup needs.

PetSmart, starting at $3.87

15. Beauty and the Beast

Dressing up dogs in Disney costumes seems almost too good to be true. These adorable Belle and the Beast mutts? They're so cute, they make my heart hurt.


16. Devil

Here's another costume for your precious kitty. These simple devil horns are perfect for any mischievous feline.

PetSmart, $2.07

17. Skunk

Your pup can be quite the little stinker. So, there's no better choice than this adorably fuzzy skunk costume. Plus, on Manny the Frenchie? It's even cuter!

PetSmart, $4.37

18. Snow White

Who wouldn't want to dress up their mutt as classic Disney character Snow White? Plus, if you have seven other pup friends, they can be dressed up as the dwarves. It's the perfect group dog costume!


19. Cow

You'll be seeing spots when your pup is strutting around in this adorable cow costume. All of those other dressed up dogs can just "mooooove" over.

PetSmart, $12.47

20. Elephant

Everybody loves elephants. So, dressing up your mutt in this elephant costume? The cuteness is practically overwhelming.

PetSmart, $4.37

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Images: Kathryn Kattalia/Instagram; PetSmart (13); WalMart (5); DogVacay