Last-Minute Kate Middleton Halloween Costume Ideas That Cost Next To Nothing

I am not judging you for reading this. (I mean, I wrote it after all.) If you’re in desperate need of a simple, last-minute costume, don’t fret; you have come to the right place. “Simple last-minute costume” is my middle name. OK, I’m lying, my middle name is Marie. But my point is, I’m here to help because I’ve been where you are before. This Halloween, dress up as Kate Middleton. It is not only one of the easiest of looks to achieve, but also one of the classiest —and warmest! — as well.

If you’re in a panic because you think that you can’t possibly look like a royal with time being so short, I assure you in the kindest way, you are wrong. The Duchess of Cambridge was just a normal person like the rest of us before the elaborate wedding, and she’s taken that factoid, along with her relatable style, with her to the palace. Most (if not all) of the pieces of the two looks I’ve provided below can be achieved by going through your closet and dresser drawers. Are you calming down yet? Good. Everything is going to be fine.

Here is how you can put together a last-minute Kate Middleton costume for Halloween.

The Three Main Staples

1. The Tiara

If you have any time at all, get a crown or a tiara. For instance, Target has this tiara two-pack. They're little, and super cheap (it's two bucks!), and understated. It's the perfect way to let people know you're royalty without overstating it. After all, Middleton is perhaps the most demure of the royal fam.

2. The Flag

Bryn Lennon/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

Sure, you could go out and buy a Union Jack flag. (I think it'll most definitely add to the costume.) But, if you're lazy (like me), or if you want to save money, or if you're about to get picked up to go to your Halloween party any second and don't have time for that, get back on your computer, work those fingers, Google the flag, and, yes, print it out. Cut it out. Then, find a stick — a pencil, pen, popsicle remnants, whatever — and tape it to the back. There you go.

3. The Ring

If you don't have anything resembling an engagement ring, or you feel like you want your costume to really stand out and "pop," go to practically any store that has candy and buy a ring pop. Slide it on. Target has a four-pack for $1.34. Now, your costume just got a lot more animated and identifiable. FYI: Middleton's engagement ring is a sapphire, so blue is the way to go.

*The tiara, union jack flag, and ring are applicable to both of the following Kate Middleton looks.

Option #1: Sporty Kate

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is perhaps the easiest way to go if you're not as inclined to get all fancy shmancy as the duchess has to on a regular basis. Plus, it's warm. This is literally all you need to do: Throw on a pair of your work out leggings or jeans, a plain top (striped to emulate Kate's look, if you have it), and a zip-up workout jacket. Throw your hair into a slicked back low pony, and adorn your ears with your fanciest earrings (as seen above). Now, let's get into the major identifier.

It's All In The Details

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Stretch your fingers, and type up "THE DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE" in a similar font on your computer. Print it out. Cut it out. Fasten to your back with tape and/or safety pins. Remember: Secure your tiara. Slip on that Ring Pop. And, wave that flag! And, you are done with your costume, friends. How easy was that?

Option #2: Dressy Kate

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The Duchess of Cambridge wears a plethora of cute dresses, that are very much a staple in normal, non-royal wardrobes, as well. Let's thank her for that. Find a fancier, more conservative dress you own, and put on heels — pumps if you have them.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You know what else Middleton REALLY digs? A gorgeous coat. Throw on any semi-dressy coat you have, but leave it open. Remember, your dress is a major part of the overall get up. Important pieces: tiara, earrings, necklace, ring, flag. You are going as royalty, after all. Gems are where it's at. If you can, go out and buy a hat to top off the look. It doesn't have to be quite as elaborate as the duchess's fascinators, in fact, you can make one all your own and it would take merely minutes.

Buy a hat, like the one pictured below from Walmart. It costs $13.97.

Then, while you're at Walmart, pick up a few gift bows, preferably ones to match your outfit. Like this one below for only $2.00. Fasten to your hat with safety pin or tape if you don't want to permanently glue it on there, because let's be real, the hat pictured above is super cute and definitely reusable.

And "Dressy Kate" look is complete! See? Super easy.

Dressing as Kate Middleton for Halloween is a total breeze, but remember to keep that regal air about you. Wave to your subjects and smile politely for the cameras, as any good royal would.

Images: Target (2); Walmart (2)