Kylie Jenner Has 2 'Elle' Canada Covers (Sort Of)

For all you wannabe art directors out there, here's a poll for you. Readers can vote on which Kylie Jenner Elle Canada cover they like best for the December issue. That means you — yes, you! — will get to decide if you want a black and white or full color cover shot. Choose wisely! Jenner is known for being unpredictable, and this time she's taken it to the next level. Not only do her cover shots feature an unexpected beauty look, but she's rocking two totally different outfits in each.

The 18-year-old changed up her hair yet again, sporting long blonde locks with dark roots, similar to the 'do she rocked earlier this fall (and at the Cosmopolitan 50th anniversary party this week, although that was almost certainly a wig) for both of the covers. Her hair and makeup stayed the same for the shots, but her outfit, pose, and even the color of the images themselves were completely different. It's a battle between Zuhair Murad and LaBourjoisie if we're talking styling.

The Zuhair Murad number is an elegant, black and white striped jumpsuit complete with silver star belt and lots of sequins. Your second choice is black and white shot in which Jenner is wearing a glimmering bodysuit. The choice is yours!

Choice 1:

Choice 2:

Head over to Elle Canada to cast your vote.

So far Jenner has only posted the black and white shot to Instagram (perhaps that's her favorite?), but both are stunning. Considering how diverse her cover-shot resumé is, either one of these would fit right in. Take a look at some previous stand-outs.

1. All Natural

This was one of the star's first magazine covers, and it's clear to see how far she's come. I don't think we'd ever see 2015 Kylie in a bow necklace.

2. Sharing The Spotlight

This was back in 2012 when the world thought they were "Kardashians in training." Little did we all know that they would grow up and claim their own fame.

3. Developing Style

This was just after she finally started experimenting with her own style.

4. Keeping It Classy

This is the Kendall we all know and love, but Kylie looks so different!

5. Colorful As Can Be

She started to finally find herself — and her love for lipstick — in this cover shot.

6. Au Naturale

This is by far my favorite Jenner shot. She manages to keep her cool-girl style without packing on all the makeup.

7. Big Hair, Don't Care

Getting more and more artsy as time went on, this was one of her more experimental covers. This is more how we think of Jenner today.

Which one would you vote for?

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Images: Elle Canada (2); Seventeen; Teen Vogue (2); Girlfriend; Marie Claire Mexico; Dolly; Remix