Kim Kardashian Can Do More Than Contour

I’m anxiously awaiting Kim Kardashian's makeup tutorials, but until they actually come out, I’ll just have to settle for the sneak peeks she occasionally posts on Instagram. Kim K. filmed a strobing tutorial for her new website, because she’s about more than just contouring, you guys. I’m loving how shimmery the makeup look featured in her sneak preview is.

ICYMI, strobing is the new contouring, so get with it. Kardashian is staying up to date with what’s trending in the makeup realm, so if strobing is the next big thing, you bet she’ll be doing it. But, don’t throw out that contouring kit just yet! You spent good money on that thing, and my guess is Kim K. won’t move on from shaping her face any time soon — it is her signature, after all.

Despite how famous she got for doing this popular makeup technique, Kim K.’s about more than heavy contouring and glam makeup all of the time. Whether it’s through strobing or not, she’s been known to sport a more natural look from time to time, and I’m sure we’ll be seeing some tutorials for those moments, too. I can’t wait!

In honor of the glory that is Kardashian’s face, let’s take a look at seven times she proved that contouring isn’t her only makeup look:

Just a hint of sparkle and glow. Perfection.

Kiki and Kendall show off the strobe effect.

1. Minimalistic

In this all-white ensemble, Kim K. kept everything very clean, even with her hair and makeup.

2. Subtle Style

There's not a whole lot going on here makeup-wise, which makes Kim K's eyes pop.

3. Key Features

When she goes more natural like this, she's able to really accentuate her eyes and lips.

4. Played Down

Kardashian looks her best when she looks like she's hardly wearing makeup.

5. Casual Glam

She can be laid-back with her style and her makeup from time to time and still manage to look totally put together.

6. Slicked Back Look

She knows when to go minimal with her makeup and let her clothes do the work.

7. Nothing But A T-Shirt (Dress) On

If it works for her vibe for that day, Kim K. won't go overboard with her makeup.

So, there you have it: Kardashian can do more than contour, and look so good. No matter what, though, she'll always be the Contouring Queen in my book!