Lady Gaga Checked Into Hotel Cortez For A While

Lady Gaga is timeless. Her character on American Horror Story? The same. After a very memorable premiere episode of AHS: Hotel , fans of the anthology series might be wondering how they went four seasons without The Countess. I am wondering the same thing — she has certainly filled a Jessica Lange-sized void — but I was also curious how long Lady Gaga will be on AHS: Hotel . It is not unusual for big names like Gaga to appear on the series for a brief moment, only to be a flicker in our memory. Lest we forget the burn of Adam Levine on AHS: Asylum. So how long do we have Lady Gaga in our AHS lives for?

Good news, monsters. According to Lady Gaga's IMDB page, she is credited for all thirteen episodes of Hotel . This is great news for those worried she was just a name to bring attention to the premiere. It also means that we have plenty of time with The Countess to answer all of our burning questions about her character. Because trust me, there are a lot to be answered. Starting from the very beginning, let's go through just what we hope to learn about The Countess on American Horror Story.

1. How Old Is She?

Ryan Murphy has hinted that Gaga's character revolves around the silent film era (aka '20s).

2. How Did She Die?

See also: she is dead, right?

3. Is She A Vampire?

I think we deserve a detailed character biography of why The Countess drinks people's blood, kills people, and once again, drinks people's blood. K, thanks.

4. How Many People Has She Killed?

Because in episode one, the body count was pretty damn high. I'm assuming this is something that has gone on for some time. Has no one ever suspected her?

5. What Is That Glove Blade?

Is this something you buy at Macy's or was is special-order Etsy? Asking for a friend.

6. How Is She Connected To The Ten Commandments Killer?

Murphy says "everyone is tied to the Ten Commandments Killer," so the question is "how." If she has a thing for murder, maybe these two are coffee friends? Or hell, maybe The Countess and the Ten Commandments Killer are one in the same!

7. What Does She Keep Children For?

This I would really love to know. Did Gaga's character always want children, so she abducts kids that look like they could be her own? Is she breeding an army of little Gaga Vampires? Why does she feed them blood? There are so many questions!

Images: Suzanne Tenner/FX; Giphy (7)