Dress Like Mark In 'The Martian' On Halloween

If you saw The Martian and loved it as much as I did, you’re probably wondering how you can integrate all of the amazing moments from the film into your daily life. And, because making water from scratch is probably beyond what you learned about in your 10th grade Intro to Chemistry class, I’m thinking dressing like Matt Damon’s The Martian character for Halloween this year might be a better way to pay homage to the film without blowing up your galley kitchen.

But, because most of us don’t have access to NASA-grade space gear — and because Damon spends most of his time in the movie in a subdued version of what most of think of when we think of a space suit — dressing like Damon's character for Halloween is actually super easy. There’s no need for puffy spacewalking suits or crazy headgear: In fact, because the environments he lived in for most of his Mars stay were pressurized and equipped with plenty of oxygen, you can pull this look off pretty easily. What it will really come down to — like with any good Halloween costume — is the accessories.

So take a look at the few things you need to make this Martian costume a reality this Halloween:

1. A Jumpsuit

If you look at Matt Damon’s “space suit,” it’s really just a thick jumpsuit with different patches of color — and that’s actually incredibly easy to make.

Sweet Co. Parasuit Long-Sleeve Non-Belted Jumpsuit, $70, JCPenney

Try this jumpsuit from JCPenney. With or without the collar, it would still make the perfect base for your costume.

2. Fabric Paint

You’ll need a tube or two to make the jumpsuit look like the space suit Damon wore in the film. From what I can tell, you’ll definitely need black for outlining and lettering, and then orange for detailing. I’d also probably spring for blue and white while you’re at it — for the NASA logo, of course.

Fabric Paint, $35, Discount School Supply

Check out this 12-color set from Discount School Supply. You can mix and match to get everything on the suit — including all of that ab accentuation — down pat.

3. A Helmet

OK, so you could totally paper maché this bad boy... or you could just, like, buy it for a few bucks.

Space Helmet, $30, Party City

Yes, this space helmet doesn’t look much like the one Matt Damon wore, but you can use all of your leftover paint from the jumpsuit to make it more Mars-appropriate.

4. Ketchup And A Sack Of Potatoes

What will distinguish you from all of the other astronauts at the party will definitely be your accessories: Don’t skimp on these and risk having to tell everyone for the entire night what you really are.

You can find these basic items at your local grocery store. Or, you could just order them online at Amazon and Melissa’s.

There you have it: An entire costume hyperlinked and ready to go. Just don’t forget to stay away from flying objects and to dance to every single disco song that comes on at the party.

Image: 20th Century Fox (5); JCPenney; Discount School Supply; Candy Apple Costumes; Amazon.com; Melissa's