7 Style Tips From Your Fave 2000s Teen Movies

Though the 2000s have come and gone, everyone is a little nostalgic for the days of yesteryear. Whether it's Nickelodeon launching Splat or your desire to relive the past in some way, there's always a good reason to visit the 2000s. These style tips from 2000s teen movies are guaranteed to return you to your middle and high school years in a flash.

The 2000s had its fair share of questionable fashions. Whether it was frosted lipgloss or popcorn shirts, not everything that we thought was cool in school was a lasting trend — and thank God for that, but with the questionable came the still relevant. Plus, with all the great movies available, there are tons of incredible material to choose from.

2000s' fashion choices featured greats like choker necklaces, midriff baring tops, and ultra low-rise jeans. I'm particularly grateful that the low-rise jean look is gone for good. I saw way too much of my classmates' derrieres in Pre-Calc. While those fashion moments may not be coming back any time in the foreseeable future, there are tips from your favorite 2000s movies that you could definitely incorporate into your wardrobe. While I wouldn't recommend styling in lace-up jeans or a trucker hat, these seven fashion tips may still be useful.

Mean Girls

One of the greatest style lessons from Mean Girls has got to be the moment when Regina George finds holes in her shirt where her boobs should be. Everyone soon starts rocking the Queen Bee's look.

Style lesson from this film: Never follow a trend because everyone else does. Only rock a look if you love it, not because it's cool for the moment.

Bring It On

Bring It On clearly had some of the greatest 2000s hairstyles of all the teen movies. Twisted half up-dos and butterfly clips galore could be found, but it was Torrance Shipman's strong pajama game that really got me.

Whether she was spending the night at Missy's — and flirting with Cliff — or rocking out in her bedroom, Torrance had adorable loungewear down pat. Style tip from Bring It On? Treat yo' self by looking adorable even when lounging around the house.

The Girl Next Door

The Girl Next Door was definitely one of the movies my parents wouldn't let me watch. However, that didn't stop me from catching it when it appeared on cable. Elisha Cuthbert totally slayed the 2000s hair game and rocked a style still totally viable today.

Elisha Cuthbert was totally rocking the long bob during this film, and it's proof that some looks are classics and can be embraced at any decade.

A Walk To Remember

Jamie Sullivan marched to the beat of her own drum. Whether Landon was gifting her a new cardigan or she was rocking an elastic waist skirt, her style — however questionable — remained constant.

While Jamie's end was sad, her style lesson is one to keep in mind. Never let other people change your style. You do you!

John Tucker Must Die

John Tucker Must Die is easily one of my favorite movies from the 2000s. I mean, does it get more 2000s than this cast? While some of the fashion choices may have been questionable, one thing was for sure: Personal style was in full force.

Each of the ladies were dressed to express their personalities, and it's an important lesson to learn. Style is about you, not trends!

How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days

Kate Hudson and Matthew McConaughey are a dream team, but also a dream in this movie was Hudson's gorgeous gown when the pair attend the DeLauer's launch party.

Some style elements remain consistent about the look, and that's that a seemingly demure dress can be seriously sexy with a low back.

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

This movie got everyone right in the feels, and the book series is equally as incredible (if not more so). With a killer cast and definite 2000s style, this movie is one of my favorites still.

The easy — and probably obvious lesson for this one? A good pair of jeans is an item to treasure.

Images: Mean Girls, How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days/Paramount; John Tucker Must Die/Fox Searchlight; The Girl Next Door, A Walk To Remember, Sisterhood of Traveling Pants/WB; Bring It On/Universal; Giphy (7)