'Duck Dynasty' Launches Gun Line After Scandal & Proves Nothing Will Bring Them Down

Some families might prefer to lay low for a while after a public controversy and let things settle, but not the Robertsons. The family at the center of A&E's Duck Dynasty is coming back from their scandal with more attention-grabbing news, announcing that their company, Duck Commander, will release a line of guns.

Duck Commander is partnering with gun manufacturer Mossberg to produce nine shotguns, two semiautomatic rifles and a semiautomatic pistol, all of which will feature the Duck Commander logo and a camouflage pattern—"waterfowl" camouflage, of course. As a bonus gift, every gun will also come with an American flag bandana, so you can feel just like Willie as you use his duck call to attract ducks and now his gun to, you know, get 'em.

It's a little surprising that the Robertsons would release their gun line so soon after the controversy surrounding their patriarch Phil's comments about gay people and African-Americans. His suspension was just lifted by A&E last week, after fans threatened to boycott the show without him.

However it's those passionate fans who will likely turn this new gun line into a success, no matter the timing. After all, Duck Dynasty is more than a popular show, it's an entire brand. The family made over $400 million in merchandise sales in 2013 alone.

While it's unlikely that ever fan who buys a Duck Dynasty T-shirt or coffee mug will run out and buy a gun, those who actually use the product that made the family famous, their duck call, should be thrilled to have a hunting gun to match.

Image: A&E