What Life Is Like Before & After Coffee

We're all familiar with that wildly unpleasant time that comes after we've just "woken up" early in the morning, but before we've been able to grab that first cup of coffee to really wake us up. In order to better understand this transformation process between these two states, photographer and Huffington Post photo editor Damon Dahlen set out to snap some shots of 12 people before and after their morning coffee. He then created a number of GIFs placing the before and after images side by side, and the results are incredibly relateable. If these GIFs are anything to go by, coffee really does make us happier and much better prepared for all the tumults of the upcoming day.

This particular photo project shows us specifically what people who live in New York are like before and after their daily cup of joe; however, I think it might interesting to see a similar project launched in a city that has a truly devout coffee obsession like Seattle, Wash. or Portland, Ore. But even though a 2014 ranking listed New York City as the 34th most coffee-obsessed city in the United States, java lovers face the same withdrawal symptoms (which, according to Dahlen's photos include sadness and irritation) no matter where they are; as such, it's likely that the results of the New York photo series are more or less universal.

So without further ado, let's take a look at the transformative morning journeys of some of these New York City coffee fanatics. Head on over to HuffPo to see all 12!

1. Suzy

Suzy told the Huffington Post that even though she only takes one espresso drink a day, she's a new coffee drinker so she looks forward to her morning cup more than most people. I mean, look at that post-caffeine glow.

2. Vici

Vici sometimes drinks up to two cups a day (turn up!); she told the Huffington Post that it's something she looks forward to every morning. Her transformation from slightly unkempt to bright-smiled bae says it all.

3. Jacques

Jacques' morning ritual consists not only of coffee (which he has around 7:30 a.m.), but also meditation. It's an interesting combination; coffee is known to get you super wired, while meditation is supposed to help you find your center. I imagine combining the two would help strike a balance somewhere in the middle, which is probably why Jacques' post-coffee, post-meditation smile is bright and relaxed.

Check out even more GIF transformations here, and excuse me while I pour myself another cup.

Images: Pixabay; courtesy of Damon Dahlen/Huffington Post