A 2015 Zombie Anna Wintour Halloween Costume Worthy Of A 'Vogue' Cover — PHOTOS

Two things I love dearly are fashion and Halloween. What better way to celebrate these two loves at once than rocking a zombie Anna Wintour Halloween costume? That's right, my friends. Anna Wintour is about to get zombified.

Vogue editor-in-chief Wintour keeps things preppy and classic. She's known for her iconic bob with bangs, oversized shades, and generally pursed lips. What else is she famous for? An icy cold, iron fist attitude. Wintour has shut down attempted hugs from celebs, thinks kids should be banned from fashion shows, and doesn't even like Chipotle. I know, I know. All of this is to say that you've got to bring your attitude to work it as Anna Wintour for Halloween!

If you're committed to dressing up as Wintour, why not take it one step further and zombify her? Her cutthroat attitude is almost scarier than The Walking Dead. Plus, it's an excuse to get down and dirty with some serious face paint action. You can go as subtle or dramatic as you want with the zombie factor, but will have fun either way. This costume choice lets you embrace your highest fashionista self while also totally indulging your inner finger paint-loving child. Win. Win. Win.

Here's your Wintour inspo:

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And here's your complete Halloween costume kit.

1. Below-The-Knee Patterned Dress

Vintage Floral, $34, ASOS

The color scheme and cut is slightly different than the above pic, but I'm confident this dress would get Wintour's seal of approval!

2. Bob Wig

Bob Wig, $24, Find Costume

I honestly don't know if Wintour has ever, ever had a different haircut.

3. Oversized Sunglasses

Sunglasses, $5, H&M

No Wintour costume would be complete without these!

4. Zombie Makeup Kit

Zombie Kit, $9, Rubie's Costume Co

Go crazy with applying this and have a blast!

5. A Vogue Magazine

Vogue, $10, Conde Nast Publications

You've got to carry around one of these! It's a must and will help to better identify you for those who are not quite sure.

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Image Credit: Courtesy of Brands; Vogue