7 Last Minute Halloween Nail Hacks

There are tons of ways to customize your beauty routine for your holiday celebrations. Whether it's styling your clothing for the fourth of July without going over the top or rocking sparkles and bold lips for New Year's Eve, holidays are a great time to be fashionably festive. So last minute Halloween nail hacks are obviously in order. They'll help you be spookily festive, but also cute without decking yourself out in black and orange. There are tons of great looks to try out, and because it's only the middle of the month, you've got tons of time to try out multiple looks and figure out which one will your Halloween night festival jam.

Nail art has become a huge trend. Whether you're rocking an acrylic manicure or doing your nails at home for a little DIY relaxation, keeping your nails looking fun and gorgeous is always in style. Plus, there's always a current event or holiday that can inspire your nail style. Back in September, a Beyonce-meets-Hilary-Clinton-inspired nail made waves on Instagram and it was incredible. Add seasonal nails to the pop culturally relevant, and you've basically got a whole new way to celebrate and express your own personal style. That's why Halloween is so exciting. You've got tons of great inspiration to get your nail game on point!

French Manicure Designs

This tutorial from MissJenFABULOUS takes inspiration from the french manicure and turns it into three adorable and super easy Halloween nail designs.

Easy Designs For Beginners

These five looks from SashasWorldTV are ideal for those just beginning to embrace nail art.

Halloween Nail Wraps

Nails wraps are a great way to cheat a bit when it comes to nail art. They're super easy and give incredible designs.

Spooky But Cute Looks

This black cat manicure is definitely festive, but it also keeps your nails adorable as opposed to scary.

Sweet Candy Corn Simplicity

These looks celebrate the treat more so than the trick aspect of Halloween, and they're super bright, separating them from their darker hued Halloween cousins.

Costume Nails

Zombie nails are perfect for completing your scary Halloween costume. While I wouldn't recommend this look for every day, it's perfect if your costume is zombie-like.

Cute Skull Art

Feel like wearing all black to a Halloween party? Dress up your look a bit with some cute skulls on your nails.

Image: CutePolish/YouTube