7 Fake Septum Rings For All Your Halloween Costume Needs — PHOTOS

In case you haven't heard, the septum nose piercing is having a moment right now. From Jessica Biel, to Lady Gaga, to Kendall Jenner (and probably some of your friends, I'd venture to guess) — it seems like new septum rings, both real and fake, are popping up left and right. If you don't feel daring enough to try the trend out IRL yet, no worries, because there's a holiday coming up that would be the perfect opportunity to try out a septum piercing: Halloween. And don't worry, it can of course be totally fake.

Going under the needle is definitely a big (and painful) commitment, so trying out a fake septum piercing, like Rihanna, is probably the best way to start. And there's really no better time for trying things on and experimenting than Halloween. I mean, the more out there, the better, right?

If you've already decided on a costume, no worries, because a septum piercing can go with literally anything. I mean, who says a zombie Kylie Jenner can't have a septum piercing? If you want to edge up your Halloween costume a bit, here are seven fake septum rings to shop.

1. Half Moon

This mystical ring is perfect for a spooky Halloween. (Violet Faux Septum Ring; $7; boohoo.com).

2. Diamonds

This ring brings the bling. (Oasis Plus White Crystal Clip On Septum Ring; $5.99; amazon.com).

3. Septum Ring + Ear Cuff

It's Halloween — go all out with this two-in-one piece. (Faux Septum and Clip-On Ear Chain; $3.99; forever21.com).

4. Pearl

Even the most glam of costumes can have a septum ring. (Pearl Faux Septum Ring; $14.25; claires.com).

5. Designer

Well...if you are going to be a zombie Kylie Jenner, you should totally go with Givenchy. (Givenchy Nose Ring; $179; matchesfashion.com).

6. Exotic

Have an exotic costume? This gorgeous ring would be perfect. (Bali Nights Septum Ring; $12; urbanoutffiters.com).

7. Simple

Still feeling iffy about it? Don't worry, you can never go wrong with simple and classic. (Petra Septum Ring; $38; freepeople.com).

Images: BooHoo; Amazon; Forever21; Claires; Matches Fashion; Urban Outfitters