Asher Betrays The Wrong Person On 'HTGAWM'

What is going on with Asher? A question you never asked before last week, and will probably be asking for the remainder of the How to Get Away with Murder season. Recently, it has come to my attention that Asher is a shady guy. Something happened to Tiffany at Trotter Lake, and Asher is involved. We don't know how, but we know he is willing to turn Annalise in to Emily, the prosecutor, in order to save himself. On Thursday's episode "Skanks Get Shanked," Asher struck a on HTGAWM deal with Emily, naming Annalise as Sam Keating's killer and as Nate's framer.

Hold up, wait a minute. I know, that's a lot to take in, and incredibly off the mark. But good try, Asher. One day, you'll have the slightest idea of what's actually going on around you. Previously on HTGAWM, said in my best voiceover, we learned that Emily was blackmailing Asher with Trotter Lake in order to make him a mole in Annalise's office. First of all, Asher, if you really want to talk about skanks getting shanked, I'd say being a mole in Annalise's house is the right way to meet that fate. Anyway, I digress.

Asher approached his dad in last week's episode, saying he was in trouble and "it's about Tiffany." We, obviously, don't know anymore about that — what did you expect? HTGAWM to spell out the plot line for you? Pshh. — but we do know that Asher and his dad met with Emily to strike a deal. Bonnie, or as I will forever call her, "Bon Bon," grew suspicious of her ex-beau's shady behavior and tracked his calls, figuring out that when he was playing ditch-day, he was really betraying Annalise.

Bonnie approached Asher after his meeting with Emily and his father and told him she knew what he was doing. Asher confessed — quickly — that he knows everything that happens in that house and Annalise needs to pay. Again, so wrong. But it's cute he tried. Then, out of nowhere, Bonnie confesses she is the one that killed Sam. Maybe this is her attempt to make Asher rescind his deal, if that's even possible.

So what's going on with Asher? Good question. I'm hoping we get some serious answers for Tiffany and Trotter Lake, because I am not satisfied with the parking garage hug between Asher and his father as the final chapter to that story. We deserve a dimly-lit flashback, dammit. Take us to Trotter Lake. Show us what happened. Make me feel like I shouldn't be cheerleading Asher's transfer from law school to getting his master's in theater or something he'd obviously much better excel in.

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Images: Bob D’Amico; GetAwayWithGifs/Tumblr