7 Witch Beauty Potions To Try This Halloween

I'm absolutely no expert on modern Wicca and pagan religions that cast spells, but thanks to being a history major gal, I love learning about religious and cultural traditions. That's why, as a Halloween lover and fashion beauty writer, I figured there's nothing more fun than discovering all the witch beauty potions to create for the holiday. I can't promise any of them will actually work, but I'm confident they'd be fun to try!

Instead of bright costumes and slews of candy, Hallloween has a very different meaning for practicing Wiccans and I have a deep respect for that. The list below is meant to be purely fun and informative, and is in no way mocking or making light of any pagan religious traditions.

Wicca and other pagan religions are all about connecting with and celebrating the natural world and its energies. What made me most excited about these potions and spells is that they include many of my favorite essential oils. The earth is full of incredible natural treasures that can nourish our bodies and souls, and I am all about giving off gratitude and respect for that! Who knows, maybe you already have everything you need on a shelf in your bathroom to brew up your own mystical beauty concoction?

Here are seven beauty potions that'll put a spell on your beauty routine!

1. Flower Dew & Rose Essential Oil

According to MagicalRecipesOnline (convenient, right?), mixing together dew collected from flowers in May and a few drops or rose water will give you glowing skin. Wash your face with the mixture every day for seven days while visualizing your skin glowing. Rose water is excellent for skin and is likely a good substitute if you don't have access to petal dew.

2. Pearl For Body Positivity

MagicSpells&Potions suggests holding a pearl and chanting, "Beauty lies so deep within me. Like a pearl enclosed in pain. Lift the lid and see the light. And join the world of love again. See it sparkle, see it shine. As I will, it will be mine." Such a body-posi spell, right?

3. Orange Beauty Snack

To "add charm and look irresistible when you go out," Wicca-Spells suggests cooking an orange peel in a pan, pouring carrot juice and honey over it, and adding a splash of vanilla. Sounds kind of like really intense orange carrot cake!

4. Beauty Of The Evening Bath Potion

This bath potion will "help you to shine like a star" according to Wicca-Spells. Pour a cup of milk, several drops of jasmine oil, and a spoonful of both honey and olive oil into a bath and soak while telling yourself how irresistible you are. Ow ow.

5. Ginseng

KitchenWiccan recommends incorporating ginseng into your diet to boost beauty and "ensure sexual potency." Get it girrrrrrl.

6. Alfalfa

If you can bring yourself to drink alfalfa juice everyday, KitchenWiccan claims your hair will magically grow much faster than usual.

7. Tea For Tenderness & Beauty

The Witches' Library shared a recipe for tenderness and beauty tea, and it actually sounds pretty tasty. Steep a strong cup of ropehip tea, but add about a half a teaspoon of catnip (yes, the stuff that makes your cat go CRAY), and an 1/8 teaspoon of crushed rosemary. Stir in a bit of honey and sip slowly.

Image Credit: Pankajakshan Pangunni, amboo who?, fdecomite, Marcin Chylinski, Eugene Kim, Miran Rijavec, Selena N.B.H./Flickr