'The Sims' 'Scream Queens' Episode 3: Sim Chanel Hands Out Halloween Gifts & The Sim Red Devil Feels Left Out

Previously on The Sims Scream Queens: Sim Chloe was thiiiiis close to figuring out what's going on in the Kappa Kappa Tau house attic; Sim Gigi revealed that she is with child; Sim Hester became Sim Chanel #6; the Sim Red Devil made some mischief; Sim Chanel and Sim Chad continued to be the least functional couple ever; Sim Dean Munsch was like, “Is the Sim Red Devil actually just a McDonald’s McRib sandwich in disguise? Because ba-da-ba-ba-ba I’m lovin’ it.” You can check out the previous installment of The Sims Scream Queens here.

In the Sim Kappa Kappa Tau house, Halloween isn’t just Halloween. It’s Sim Chanel-O-Ween. The president of the Sim sorority takes All Hallow’s Eve very seriously. One time, a Sim pledge was foolish enough to say she liked Thanksgiving better. In front of Sim Chanel. Sim Chanel had that Sim pledge kicked out of Sim University. As far as Sim Chanel is concerned, Sim Chanel-O-Ween the most important day of the year. Every Sim Chanel-O-Ween, Sim Chanel gives each of her sorority sisters a special, heartfelt, spoopy, creppy gift. It's Sim Chanel's way of letting her sorority sisters know that she cares.

...Oh, I'm totally kidding. Sim Chanel doesn't care about her sorority sisters. She only gives out spoopy and creppy gifts on Sim Chanel-O-Ween because she likes to terrorize her sorority sisters.

How did this year's Sim Chanel-O-Ween go? I was afraid you'd never ask!

Someone From The Sims Big Brother 17 Reached Out To Sim Hester/Sim Chanel #6

AUGH NOT NOW, GOBIAS. I'm having serious The Sims BB17 déjà vu. Not mad at it. Alas, Sim Hester/Sim Chanel #6 had to turn down the invite. Because she already had plans: Sim Chanel-O-Ween.

Sim Chanel Set Up The Sim Chanel-O-Ween Gift Exchange

OK, OK. Technically, she hired someone to set up the gift exchange. But hey, it's the thought that counts, right?

Sim Chanel Released A Bunch Of Black Cats In The Sim Kappa Kappa Tau Living Room

"Hope you snitches like cats," Sim Chanel said as she set down a Waterford crystal bowl full of Fancy Feast."Wait, but I'm deathly allergic," Sim Hester/Sim Chanel #6 whispered nervously. "Pop a Claritin and tell someone who cares," Chanel sneered.

Sim Chanel Put The Final Touches On Sim Chanel-O-Ween

Everything looked perfect. It was time for the gift exchange to begin.

Sim Chanel Invited Her Sorority Sisters To The Sim Chanel-O-Ween Gift Ceremony

She directed each Sim Kappa to her respective gift table.

Sim Chanel Gave Sim Chanel #3 Some Fancy Bottles Full Of Dirty Toilet Water

Sim Chanel said the water was scooped out of an unflushed dive bar toilet. Awww, so thoughtful!

Sim Chanel Gave Sim Hester/Sim Chanel #6 Some Fireplace Tools

"According to the eBay seller," Sim Chanel explained, "someone impaled their arm on that fire poker. There's a certificate of authenticity and everything."

Sim Chanel Gave Sim Chanel #5 A Haunted Lawn Gnome

"Don't look at its eyes," Sim Chanel advised. "Actually, I don't care what you do. Be possessed by a lawn gnome for all I care."

Sim Chanel Gave Sim Zayday A Demon Fish

You can't see it because it's an invisible demon fish.

Sim Chanel Gave Sim Chloe Some Gargbage-Flavored Cupcakes

Was actual garbage used in the making of these cupcakes? An artist never shares her secret!

After The Gift Ceremony, The Sim Red Devil Confronted Sim Chanel

The Sim Red Devil was really hurt that he wasn't given a Sim Chanel-O-Ween gift.

Sim Chanel Told The Sim Red Devil To Get Over Himself

They stared each other down. Neither party seemed intimidated. This standoff could've gone on for hours.

But Then, The Sim Red Devil Spilled Some Dirt

"Well, I know where Sim Chanel #2 is right this second," the Sim Red Devil said. "And as far as I'm concerned, your lame, exclusionary gift exchange can shove it."

Sim Chanel's feathers were visibly ruffled.

The Sim Red Devil Said He Would Never Reveal Sim Chanel #2's Whereabouts

The Sim Red Devil ran away. Sim Chanel followed.

However, Sim Chanel & Sim Chanel #3 Suddenly Fused Together At The Top Of The Staircase

Neither Sim Chanel nor Sim #3 could move. Someone peed all over the carpet. The Sim Red Devil turned around and stared at the mess.

The Sim Red Devil Wondered If He Had Something To Do With It

Do I have magic powers? the Sim Red Devil asked himself. Did I do this? I'm going to assume I did this.

The Chanels Vulcan Mind Melded About Stinky Socks

Oh. OK.

The Sim Red Devil Laughed At Sim Chanel & Sim Chanel #3

"I did this to you two," the Sim Red Devil hissed. "This is what you get for excluding me."

The Sim Red Devil Laughed At Sim Chanel #3 & Sim Chanel

"Good luck getting unstuck, you mohair-covered goobers," he cackled. And then, the Sim Red Devil sprinted back to his lair.

The Sim Red Devil Celebrated His Victory

Atta boy, Sim Red Devil. You earned that microwavable dinner.

Will we ever find out what happened to Sim Chanel #2? Will Sim Chanel and Sim Chanel #3 ever break free? What's going to happen to all of those cats? TO BE CONTINUED.

Images: The Sims 3/EA Games; Kristie Rohwedder/Bustle (20)