Easy 'Hunger Games' Group Halloween Costumes That Will Suit Every Member In Your Crew

I don't think there's anything better than a killer group costume. And when it comes to killers and costumes, the first thing I think about is The Hunger Games . And why not? It's a movie about a bunch of people who are chosen to fight each other to the death by a bunch of people from the Capitol, who wear some of the most ridiculous costumes ever. The Hunger Games is a group costume made in Halloween heaven.

Depending on how big your group is, though, you might want to either add or subtract a few characters. If you're working with fewer than four people, you might want to try something like the Katniss-Peeta-Gale love triangle (with figurative details mixed in, of course). Or, if you're going out with a group of, say, 12 people, you might want to each dress as a different district. But if you're planning a group costume for four people, the perfect group costume is to dress like the District 12 team. You know the ones: Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, and Effie.

The four together would make such a distinctive group that you'd avoid the dreaded Halloween pitfall of being asked all night just who the heck you're dressed as, but they're also so individual, that you could pick your character based on how DIY and over-the-top you like to do Halloween.

Just take a look at what you'll need to create this awesome Hunger Games group costume.


Getting Katniss' arena look would be pretty difficult to do (where you can find bullet-proof fabric is beyond me), so I recommend going for one of her everyday looks. This costume would be perfect for the person in your group who would rather create hers from what's already in her closet, because, let's face it, you probably already have these items at home.

You'll need a black rain jacket for that gloomy District 12 weather.

And don't forget the comfortable carpenter pants that are perfect for holding all of that tricky hunting gear.

You'll also need a bow and arrow. And you don't need to invest in a ton of archery supplies you'll never use. Instead, you can just buy a toy bow and arrow. Target has one available for $10 that will do the trick.

Throw your hair into a side braid, and you'll be all set.


Black T-Shirt, $6, Hanes

Sweet Peeta is another easy costume option for the underachiever in your group. (No slacker shaming here. Barely making an effort is totally my Halloween style of choice.)

Throw a black t-shirt on over some green carpenter pants (see above) and call this costume a day. Because that's the best part of being in a group for Halloween: Everyone will know who you are because of how much effort everyone else put into their costumes.

Bonus points: Rough up your face with some brown eyeshadow to make it look dirt-covered and arena-weary.


Personally, my favorite Haymitch is the one who is drunk all the time, and I'm assuming yours is too.

To master this look you'll need a button down shirt, preferably wrinkled and half-untucked.

Women's Vest, $23, Amazon

On top of that you'll need a suit vest. To get the true effect I recommend spilling a little whiskey on it and missing a button or two.

Try to find pants that match the suit vest you've chosen, but if you can't find the exact shade, don't panic. That's the best part about playing a guy who is apathetic about everything: He also probably doesn't care about matching.

Beauty tip: Make sure you part your hair down the middle and slick it with something shiny to make it look just the right amount of greasy.


The perfect costume for the overachiever of the group (i.e. the person whose idea it probably was to dress as a group in the first place).

Eye Shadow Palette, $20, Amazon

There are a couple of really important things you will need. The first is a bright eye shadow palette. One with enough bright colors to match your costume.

As for dresses, pick something monochromatic and with a lot of detailing, especially at the front. This dress is perfect for the occasion, but if you have a brightly-colored dress at home already, that'll work fine.

Curly Hair Wig, $10, Amazon

You'll need a wig. A big, blonde, curly wig, for sure. This one from Amazon is nice and cheap, just like I like them. It also will perfectly match that pink dress of yours.

Fake Pink Roses, $15, Amazon

You'll also need the most ridiculous hair piece you've ever seen in your life. You can buy one to do the trick, of you can easily create one yourself by gathering together a bunch of fake flowers, removing the stems, sewing (or gluing!) the buds together, and pinning into your wig.

Bonus points for pulling out your winter foundation (you know, the color you wear when your skin hasn't seen the sun in six months) and caking it on until you look like a geisha.

And there you have it. The perfect group costume that will accommodate all styles of costuming.

To get you even more in the Halloween spirit, check out the PSL PSA from Scream Queens star Abigail Breslin below!

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