The Best Bra To Wear With Your Halloween Costume

Figuring out the best bra to wear with your Halloween costume is a struggle you're probably all too familiar with if you've ever had to wear clothing. There's so much to consider. Straps, coverage, and cleavage are par for the course, but for Halloween you might also have to consider very specific shapes and colors. Depending on where you live and where you'll be wearing your costume, you might also have to consider warmth. Cold breasts are unhappy breasts. Plus, all that extra cold nipple action might not go well with your costume.

Since you have enough to think about in terms of your outfit, makeup, hair, and accessories, I've decided to take some of the struggle out of the bra decision for you. I've thought out as many likely scenarios as I could and found bras of all sizes and price points.

Sure, Halloween is known as the day when women take the sexy theme and run rampant, (and you can certainly rock whatever kind of costume you want) but maybe you need moisture wicking for your giant, hairy Sasquatch suit or a comfortable sports bra for your MMA fighter gear. The bra needs are as seemingly endless as the costume ideas.

1. The Convertible Chameleon

'Uplunge N29674' Bra, $28.00,

Maidenform® Self Expressions® Women‘s Full Support Convertible Strapless Bra 5032, $17.99,

The Natural Solutions Convertible Underwire Bra, $56.00,

A good convertible bra can save you in many a fashion pinch, and it's no different for costumes. A convertible bra, for the uninitiated, is a bra with removable and adjustable straps that can be worn in a bunch of different ways. You can cross the straps, make the back super low, wear just one strap or even take the straps completely off.

2. The Good Coverage

Warner’s No Side Effects Full-Coverage Underwire Bra, $40,

Warner's This is Not a Bra Full Coverage Bra 1593, $40, Macy'

Playtex Secrets Bra, $38, Kohl'

A lot of Halloween costumes involve wearing your bra as your top with nothing else over it. In this case, you usually want something that's not completely see-through, offers decent coverage, keeps your nipples from showing through, and gives you great shape. You also might want some extra padding for at least a shred of warmth.

3. The Cotton Color Shifter

Hanes Platinum T-Shirt Soft Wireless Bra, $34, Macy'

No-Wire Cotton T-Shirt Bra, $40,

Bras do come in a lot of colors, but if you're going for a perfect color match for a specific Halloween costume, you need something that's cotton so you can dye it at home with little fuss.

4. The Bustier

Underwire Bustier, $55.00,

Va Bien: Lacey Strapless Bustier, $64,

A lot of Victorian, Reconnaissance, and period gowns are cut for ample heaving bosoms. On the other extreme are sexy dominatrix outfits and vampire costumes.

5. The Sporty Sweat Stoppers

DKNY Energy Racerback Sport Bra, $38.00, Macy'

Seamless Sports Bra, $14.99, H&

Glamorise® No Bounce Back-Closure Sports Bra, $25.00,

If you're wearing a heavy, sweaty costume, your main concern will be to minimize boob sweat. If you're wearing an atheletic-themed costume, you'll also want something that covers well and flatters your shape a little (re: doesn't create the weird sports bra uni-breast).

6. The Low-Back

Fashion Forms Adjustable Low Back Bra Strap, $9.00, Macy'

If your costume has an open back, a convertible can only go so low. You can try to wear the band of your regular bra low, but odds are, it will creep up or create an awkward, unsupported shape. Better to get a bra strap designed to use your own bra for open-back fashions.

7. The No Bra

Lingerie Solutions® a Brand of Fashion Forms Women‘s Superlite Adhesive Bra, $16.00,

Strapless Backless Adhesive Silicone Bra, $14.99,

Fashion Forms Adhesive Bra, $12,

If there's just no place for a bra in your costume but you still need support, there are plenty of pieces you can wear.

Now that you have your costume picked out and your bra situation sorted out, all you need now are shoes an accessories, right?

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