19 Mindy Moments We Can All Relate To

I am convinced that it is impossible not to be obsessed with Mindy Kaling. Mindy Kaling is my girl crush, my #careergoals, and the author of the things I wish I were funny enough to Tweet. Mindy Kaling is a goddess among mere mortals and yet, despite her utter perfection, she still manages to be one of the most accessible people in the entertainment industry. Mindy Kaling's titular Mindy Lahiri in The Mindy Project is simultaneously ridiculously over-the-top, fabulous, and eminently relatable. Mindy Lahiri is a non-stop source of entertainment and inspiration to all around her and the cast of The Mindy Project is no exception. The Mindy Project 's cast appeared at a PaleyFest panel over the weekend and confessed that they all indeed had their own 'Mindy moments' in real life.

From Xosha Roquemore (the actress behind the absurdly wonderful Tamra), who confessed that she has adopted some of Mindy's vernacular (because everyone needs to whip out an indignant "How dare you?!" every once in a while), to Ed Weeks (Dr. Jeremy Reed), who has absorbed Mindy's over-the-top confidence, no one on the cast is safe from Mindy Lahiri's whims — and neither are we. We have all undoubtedly had many Mindy moments of our own and, just in case you don't believe me, here are 19 times The Mindy Project was totally relatable.

1. When You Need An Excuse For Your Behavior

This is the twentysomething's proverbial 'get out of jail free' card.

2. When You Lose Your iPhone

There is no struggle worse than getting a new phone, redownloading all your apps, and trying to remember all of you usernames and passwords. You're all "wait, is my Pandora email my current email or did I start Pandora back when I was still using blvdofbrokendreams_XoX@aol.com?"

3. When Someones Asks Why You Have So Many Best Friends

Once you've reached the hallowed best friend tier, you better not mess things up. It's a sacred echelon of friendship not to be taken lightly.

4. When You're About To Climb Aboard The Hangover Express

A bad decision that always seems like such a good one at the time.

5. When You Don't Understand The Music The Kids Are Listening To These Days

To quote one of my best friends (you know, one of the elite members of my best friend tier): "So wait... is 'dubstep' a person or no? I just need to know."

6. When You Start Getting Those 'Data Limit Exceeded' Harassment Texts From Your Cell Phone Provider

"Ask the waiter for the WiFi, I need to send this picture of my sushi to my Snapchat story."

7. When You Start Having To Dress Up For Work

... And suddenly feel like a young child wearing your mom's adult clothes.

8. When You Drunkenly Binge Eat

There is never enough cheese.

9. When You're Slightly Dramatic


10. When You Have A Great Burn But It's Too Mean To Actually Say Out Loud

So you text it to your best friend across the table instead.

11. When You Psych Yourself Up To Ask A Guy Out

Because " I am Beyoncé pad Thai" is a sexier mantra than "You is kind, you is smart, you is important."

12. When Your Lies Get A Little Less White

Because sometimes our lies get away from us ethically.

13. When You Admit Your #CheatDay Is More Like A #CheatLife

God, Morgan, I'm on an all carb diet. You're so stupid.

14. When Your Significant Other Makes An Ignorant Comment About Feminism

There are two ways to get bitch slapped by me: cheat on me and be a misogynist.

15. When Someone Says You Look Tired When You Go Without Makeup


16. When You Feel Wicked Self-Righteous For Paying It Forward At Starbucks

But really, if everyone pays it forward in the line at Starbucks, everyone is kind of still paying roughly the same price as their own order so are we really doing any good here? And God forbid you try to pay it forward to the car that ordered like six venti Java Chip frappuccinos.

17. When You're #FeelingYourself

I've got a fever. And the only cure is more Mindy.

18. When You Shut Down The Fat Shamers

Because this is America, damn it.

19. When You're Figuring Out Your Personal Style

Mindy's personal style is 'sassy, bangable brat,' mine is 'slightly edgy teen mom from the '90s.'

Images: Giphy (18); sea-sands, thatslutinthearmchair /Tumblr