Halloween Accessories You Can Wear After October

Valentine's Day means buying gifts for your loved one and significant others. Christmas and Hanukkah mean presents galore for your family and friends. But Halloween is the only holiday that encourages you to buy a brand new outfit, only for the sake of being festive. Granted, you probably won't wear that sexy tiger costume again, but if this October you are shopping for Halloween accessories, know that they don't have to be a once-a-year indulgence. There are plenty of Halloween accessories — like jewelry, shoes, and bags — that can work all year round.

My favorite part of buying a Halloween costume is searching for the perfect accessories. I am a firm believer that a strong look is all in the details. When it comes to Halloween accessory shopping, of course certain things might be explicitly seasonal (like pumpkin earrings or an actual vampire cape). Sticking to a safe color palette consisting of black, red, and gold can help and avoiding imagery that will confuse people what time of year it is will help lead you to your new favorite year-round spooky accessories. Here are 11 Halloween accessories that don't go out of season quite like a Pumpkin Spice Latte.

1. Finger Fangs

Vampire Teeth Adjustable Ring, $10, Etsy

Who said vampy accessories are exclusively for Halloween? Some miniature fangs add a little edge to your stacks of rings.

2. Eyeballin' Out

Glitter Halloween Eyeball Clutch Handbag, $111, Etsy

A bold clutch can complement any outfit. Especially if you like your accessories to be a little spooky, with a lot of glitter.

3. iFang

Halloween Fangs iPhone 6 Case, $14, ASOS

Keep your iPhone close and some garlic closer.

4. Webbed Mules

ASOS HEIRDOM Halloween Cobweb Heeled Mules, $81, ASOS

You can't go wrong with an all-black heel! The webbed look is just geometric to work any time of year.

5. Moon-Kissed Hair

ASOS Moon Hair Brooch, $14, ASOS

Moon accessories are pretty, simple, and werewolf-friendly.

6. Very Witchy

Witch Choker, $10, Etsy

Your jewelry collection isn't complete without a good choker. This witchy version will help you cast spells on your enemy all year round!

7. Tight Bite

Bit and Wisdom Tights, $15, ModCloth

Give a little character to that Little Black Dress with these bitingly cool tights.

8. Spooky Earrings

Mixed Metal Stud Earrings, $10, Claires

With a selection like this, you can fill up all your piercings with some Halloween festivity during any month.

9. The Darth Side

Darth Side of the Swoon Bag, $55, ModCloth

Keep this Sith Lord by your side for a seriously badass bag.

10. Hello, Kitty

Faux Pearl Kitten Headbang, $5, Forever 21

Embrace your inner Ariana and sport these cute little ears on a night out.

11. Temp Tats

Rosie Wonders Halloween Fancy Dress Tattoos, $5, ASOS

Because who says temporary tats can only be used once a year?

Enjoy fall festivities all year round with these Halloween accessories!

Images: Courtesy Brands (10)