Bradley Cooper Can Really Cook, So Get Ready To Love The 'Burnt' Star Even More

Bradley Cooper plays a world-renowned chef named Adam Jones in the new movie Burnt (out Oct. 23), and the dishes he creates are to die for. As the fictional cook, Cooper also shows off some culinary handiwork, intricately chopping, sautéing, and showing off other food preparation techniques that are a lot more impressive than my cooking strategy (which mostly consists of repeatedly pressing the "Add 30 Seconds" button on the microwave). Even better? The actor didn't just learn how to fake the cooking skills that were needed for the role — yes, Bradley Cooper can really cook. How great is that?

In wonderful news, the actor is, in fact, talented in the art of cuisine. He told Yahoo that he cooks every day— a skill he developed thanks in part to his upbringing. Said Cooper, "It was an Italian family, so cooking was a huge part of it. Being around food is very soothing to me. My grandfather had a garlic business. I grew up with that environment, and it reminds me of my childhood." Um, excuse me as my face turns into a heart-eyes emoji.

Want some even better news? Cooper isn't the only heartthrob with a secret cooking talent. Here are a few more celebs who could make you a great dinner (and maybe even dessert)...

Harry Styles

Harry Styles once casually dropped into Cindy Crawford's gorgeous home to make pizza from scratch with her family, the model told V Magazine. A savory dish, but such a sweet moment!

Matthew McConaughey

The actor showed off his skills on air with Guy Fieri, but he cooks off-camera too. While on a strict diet for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, McConaughey told US Weekly that he still routinely cooked for his pregnant wife. Including making her steak. Well, then.

Justin Timberlake

Jessica Biel told Elle that Timberlake is a talented baker, having learned the skill from his Southern grandmother. JT validated his wife's claim when he posted a photo to Instagram of him baking during the holiday season.

David Beckham

If you assume that Posh Spice is the chef of her household, you've got it wrong: she told The New York Times that husband David Beckham is the cook. Apparently, he attended culinary school as a way to fills his days off from playing soccer. Commence drooling.

Knowing that Bradley Cooper is talented both on-screen and in the kitchen is enough to reinstate my faith in humanity, whether or not it had ever been lost. I can't wait to watch him make some culinary magic in Burnt.

Images: The Weinstein Company, Presley Gerber/Instagram, Libby's Juicy Juice/Twitter, Justin Timberlake/Instagram, David Beckham/Instagram