This Kid Had A CVS-Themed Birthday Party (Like A Boss), And It's Not The Only Weirdly Awesome Birthday Theme — PHOTOS

You guys, if having obscure birthday parties themes for kids is wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Thanks to the glorious and magical world wide web, parents are now able to publicly share the quirky interests of their kids in the form of detailed and meticulously planned parties. It’s like Pinterest and that strip mall a few miles from your parents’ house met and had a baby, and then latergrammed it. Seriously though, I think this trend of embracing—nay, celebrating—the random obsessions our kids hold is beyond awesome. I can’t wait until my son is old enough for me to do the same. In the meantime, I’m biding my time and trying not to steer him too hard in one direction. (We all know that wouldn’t work anyway. The more I push for it, the more the chances of him wanting his own '90s pop music-themed party will go down.)

The most recent addition to this elite circle of awesome and creative parents is Sarah Fortune Gill, whose daughter Iris’ love for CVS rivals your niece’s obsession with Frozen. While introducing us to Iris and her fav store, Gill's Instagram holds photos and videos chronicling the CVS-love that spans nearly a quarter of young Iris’s life. The only places I’ve loved for a full quarter of my life or more are my bed and Disneyland, so to me, this is legit.

Gill, who was smart enough to start planning this party well in advance, heard from both her local CVS and from the CVS headquarters. Both generously supplied party favors for the big day, and the local store even gave Iris a special message on their reader board.

Here are some more highlights:

Nice work, Mom! Hopefully the day brought as much joy to Iris and her friends as the pictures do to the internet. Last but not least, here’s my personal favorite:

And because kids are perennially weird as hell, Iris’ isn't the only kiddo who's had a unique and mesmerizing theme for her big day:

Personal Injury Lawyer Party

Don’t know who Morris Bart is? Well, then, perhaps you’ve never found yourself needing a personal injury lawyer with a mesmerizing accent in New Orleans, Louisiana. This recent party made it all the way to Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Beatles-themed First Birthday

Finally, a seemingly random theme that perhaps any of us could handle! At first glance, a Beatles party might not seem too out-of-the-box, but for a one year old? I’m not sure the Beatles are a concept they can grasp. However, it works really well, as you can see.

Alright, gotta go, guys. I need to plan my toddler's second birthday. It's only seven months away!

Images: Sarah Fortune Gill(5); Down Emery Lane(3)