You'll Never Guess Who's Promoting Bieber's Music

by Alex Kritselis

In the latest "what the what?" news, first lady Michelle Obama promoted Justin Bieber's new song, "Sorry," on Twitter on Monday. Wait... seriously? Seriously. The Biebs called in a slew of big celebs to help him promote his last single, "What Do You Mean?," but recruiting FLOTUS to build hype for his new album, Purpose , is next-level impressive. The dude is well-connected, you've got to give him that. As Idolator explains, the first lady's "Sorry" endorsement comes in the form of a short video for her new "Better Make Room" campaign, which, according to NBC News, encourages young people to seek educational opportunities "beyond high school." That sounds like a worthwhile effort! But what does it have to do with "Sorry"? Not much, I'm afraid.

In the clip, Obama is shown chatting with a group of well-dressed staffers. Everybody's laughing and giving each other high fives for reasons I don't quite understand. Then, suddenly, Vine star King Bach slides into the scene wearing nothing but a tank top and a pair of basketball shorts. "Better make room," he says with a giggle. Immediately, all fun stops. Obama & co. give him a cold, disapproving look. Clearly, he's underdressed for the occasion.

What's a guy to do? If you said, "Moonwalk out of the room while a brief snippet of 'Sorry' plays in the background," you're a psychic, because that's exactly what happens!

Um, what did I just watch? The video isn't very funny, and, curiously, it doesn't do a particularly good job of promoting "Better Make Room" or "Sorry." Perhaps its comic genius goes over my head? Who knows. Check it out for yourself below.

According to Bieber's Instagram, "Sorry" is the next official single to be lifted from Purpose (due out Nov. 13). It premieres Friday. I wonder if he was able to rope in any other big political figures to help him spread the word about the track? Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump needs a new campaign song, and he certainly has a lot to apologize for... Just a thought.

Purpose is available for pre-order on iTunes now.

Images: KingBach/Twitter (2)