Will Crash Return To 'Finding Carter'? Kathryn Prescott Hints At A Possible Return Of CarCrash

Are you still trying to pick up the pieces of your heart after last Tuesday's episode of Finding Carter? Well, you're not alone — but, there might be some hope. At the end of "Anywhere but Here," Crash and Carter broke up on Finding Carter and, the boyfriend most fans loved to hate moved to California. Which, of course, left me and every other fan of the series wondering whether or not Crash would ever return — or if Carter would get a new love interest and we'd forget all about Crash. Well, CarCrash fans, you can all rest easy. Carter herself, Kathryn Prescott, tells Bustle that Crash will return to Finding Carter in Season 2. "You don’t never see Crash again," Prescott says. So, romance isn't truly dead, after all.

Honestly, it's a little strange for me to be rooting for Crash to return — especially since it took me an EXTREMELY long time to forgive him for shooting Max in Season 1 — but, alas, he managed to win me over this season. In fact, I think I respect him even more after the break-up. Sure, my heart is broken, but I can't deny that he did a truly good thing for Carter. And, unsurprisingly, Prescott agrees. "It was a very mature, adult break-up and it actually made me respect Crash a bit for being enough of an adult and selfless enough to say, ‘I’m not going to put you through a long distance relationship with me when, really, this is the time for you to figure yourself out,'" the actress says. Which, really, should give us even more hope of a CarCrash reunion at some point in the future.

Prescott couldn't confirm whether or not they'll get back together, officially, Season 2 — the cast and crew are still in production on the final episodes of this season — but she isn't ruling the prospect out for Carter's future. "This isn’t the end of their friendship or, potentially, the end of their romance," Prescott says, "He doesn’t disappear from the face of the planet."

I never thought I'd see the day that I was actually glad that Crash wasn't going to disappear from the face of the Finding Carter-world, but here we are. Now I just hope that it won't take too long for CarCrash to make the comeback they deserve — because, really, they've made each other MUCH better in the long run.

Images: screengrab/MTV, findingcarter/Tumblr