Selena Gomez Will Perform At The AMAs

I have great news, Selenators! Your girl Selena Gomez will be performing at the 2015 American Music Awards! She has really been the gift that keeps on giving, lately, with her new album Revival out that we've been able to comb through for Justin Bieber references, and music videos like the one for "Good For You," where she reprises that "rolling on the floor" move that we all know and love. She's really having a moment right now, and giving us a lot to think about, so it's the perfect time to hit us all with a live performance at an award show.

More than really anything else, performing live gives us a chance to see what an artist is really made of, because it gives them no room to hide behind gimmicks or tricks; it's all about their charisma out there on the stage, trying to get the audience to buy it. Which is why I'm so excited for Selena Gomez to be getting a shot at it at the AMAs on Nov. 22. I'm a Gomez fan, and I've been listening to Revival pretty much on repeat, but I have to admit that I haven't always been blown away by her live in the past.

It just didn't feel like her heart was all the way in it, so I preferred her recorded music. But I feel like Gomez has had a really huge transformation lately, and has been putting out material that's much closer to her heart, so I can't wait to see if that's reflected in her live performance. I'm betting it will be, if her excitement in announcing the upcoming performance via Twitter is any indication.

Yesss! I'm hoping for something raw and intimate, with less focus on the choreographed elements that have tripped her up in the past. Gomez is finally getting to know herself, and, for that reason, I'm positive she's going to kill it at the AMAs.