Barbie Halloween Makeup Tutorials That Aren't Dull

When it comes to Halloween, a play on the ordinary can help sets your costume apart from the crowd. If you're thinking about opting for the long blonde hair, perfect makeup, and high heels of America's favorite doll, try these unconventional Barbie makeup tutorials to spice up your look instead. Because what's better than spicing up a classic? Absolutely nothing!

Every Halloween I see at least 10 Barbies running around the streets looking all fabulous in their four-inch heels and hair down to their butts. Some of them are arm-in-arm with their Kens, while others are with a whole squad of dolls, but nothing makes their costumes unique. Instead of trying to find the perfect boa for you Diva Barbie or stylish leggings for Workout Barbie, why not play with makeup for a whole new take on the iconic toy?

My personal favorite on the below list of tutorials is Melted Barbie. YouTuber FreshBlush created a look comprised of half perfect makeup, half horrifying melted "plastic." It's not the easiest makeup look on the list, but it sure is one of the coolest and most clever. But the fun doesn't stop there! Check out these other fabulous twists on the typical Barbie costume.

1. Melted Barbie

It's Barbie like you've never seen her before.

2. Zombie Barbie

You can get as scary with this option as you'd like, but I love this cartoonish version of the zombie/monster Barbie. The colors really set this one apart.

3. Killer Barbie

Barbie has gone to the dark side with this look.

4. Barbie Gone Mad

Clearly, Barbie has some pent up frustration from being so perfect all those years.

5. Skeleton Barbie

If you can't decide between spooky and sweet, just go half and half!

6. Dead Barbie

Because of course Barbie bleeds glitter.

7. Vampire Barbie

Give everyone a good scare with this terrifying tutorial.

Oh, and don't forget that Barbie wears flats now, so you won't have to suffer in heels all night!

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Image: FreshBlush/Youtube