13 Super Easy Pun Costumes For Your Squad

This Halloween, get funny, and stay lazy — particularly by finding your friends some easy pun Halloween costumes for groups. Don't bother with the fake blood and the plastic fangs and long lines at your local costume depot. The best Halloween costumes are the ones you didn't stress over. Chances are, unless you're a make-up artist, you're not going to scare anyone. So don't bother trying! Get some friends together — heck, make some friends and get pun-tastic this year.

Oh, but you can't think of any puns? You're don't feel like brainstorming funnies? Fret not! The Internet is here to help. Because I've been in your position before — it's almost Halloween, you have no idea what to wear, who to wear it with, which party you'll go to, and if it's worth blowing a week's pay on a costume you'll wear for three hours before puking on — I know how tempting it is to sit it out. But this Halloween is special: an asteroid is set to crash the party, we get an extra hour because of daylights savings time, and it's finally on a Saturday night, which means you'll have the whole day to work up the courage to leave the house in your costume.

So rather, don't wimp out on Halloween — pull out your scissors, your glue, your shiny spandex that you don't remember buying, some hair spray, some second string make-up, and a camera. Because it's going to be easy, it's going to be amazing, and it's going to be funny. You'll want the reminder.

French Kiss

You'll need: You definitely have a striped shirt in your closet and, it won't be hard to find some white face paint and a black liner.

Black-Eyed Peas

You'll need: T-shirt, tape and a black eye. We recommend using makeup to achieve the bruised eye, not violence.

Holy Cow, Oh Deer

You'll need: Nothing a little arts and crafts can't create. If you have a third friend, you might consider Holy Sh*t.

All The Bs

You'll need: This is the most clever incarnation of the old bee costume. Wear all black, and slap some yellow tape on yourself. But don't forget to add something clever.

Pot Head

You'll need: Might I suggest you avoid sticking your head in a ceramic pot? A cardboard version of this will be much easier and safer.

50 Shades Of Gray

You'll need: Free samples from your local paint shop... and an open mind.

School Is "Killing" Us

You'll need: If you don't have a school uniform, walk around with some books under your arms and use the same caption.

Lego My Eggo

You'll need: This will involve a little crafting. If you're not up for crafts, feel free to hang a waffle around your neck with string and have your buddy carry around some Legos. That should do it.

Shooting Star

You'll need: A toy gun and a fabulous glittery ensemble will do the trick.

Social Butterflies

You'll need: This very Millennial costume is pretty clever. Slap on some social logos and grow a pair of wings (or brave your Halloween depot for a cheap set of butterfly wings).

"Old" Spice And Candy "Rapper"

You'll need: Whip out the markers and construction paper for this one, folks. If you're going for the candy wrapper, a little piece of foil over your front teeth will make a sweet grill.

Combine Your Puns

Who says you all need to be in a theme? Do different puns and keep everyone guessing!

You'll need: Some lemons, some cereal, a paper necklace, and a pair of gag glasses that you probably have from a Bat Mitzvah and are already in your closet.

Cereal Killer

You'll need: Grow a beard, stab some cereal boxes into it. (For the lazies, you could always wear a big box around your neck with a knife stabbed into it.)

Image: alyssalgray/Instagram