Easy 'Pretty Little Liars' Prom-Inspired Halloween Costume Ideas For You & Your Squad

The Season 6A finale of Pretty Little Liars was full of shocking answers and dramatic conclusions (Mona killed Bethany! CeCe is A! Shower Harvey is Red Coat!) but while fans may have been biting our nails awaiting the show's latest reveal, there was one thing distracting me: the Pretty Little Liars' group's prom outfits. Spencer, Aria, Hanna and Emily have always known how to do formal wear right (more than I can say for funeral wear, which they have somehow managed to completely botch time and time again) — but if I had to choose just one dance where all of the Liars' outfits were on point, it would be the senior prom that they were technically uninvited to. Of course, this look doesn't have to exist within the realm of your television set: you can totally steal this Pretty Little Liars look for your squad's Halloween costume. Hopefully your Halloween won't end with a major betrayal, a la the Liars' prom.

Though the girls' prom outfits correlate with the prom's fairy tale theme, the only thing you'll be borrowing from for these costumes is the Liars' style. You don't need a costume designer to pull these looks off: here's how to make it work for you this Halloween. (Now, have fun fighting over who gets to be Hanna.)


Velvet Dress

Spencer kept things simple with her gorgeous green gown. (Perhaps inspired by Merida from Brave?) You can purchase the one she wore, but unfortunately, the couture gown from Walter Mendez will set you back nearly $2,000. This similar outfit definitely evokes Spencer at prom, and can be purchased for the more affordable $139 online at Beautiful Halo. Fortunately, this green dress is also the perfect velvet gown to rock at a fancy holiday party.


Blue Top

This crop top from Saturday Night Fashion will cost you roughly $40, and though it's not the exact same top, mixes the same elements of thick black lines and cobalt blue.

Floral Skirt

Aria would greatly approve of this Etsy find, which has similar coloring to the skirt she wore to prom. You can order it at the online shop for $39.

Blue Belt

Cinch your waist with a cute matching belt. You can get this blue one at Target for $12.99.

Hair Bow

If you're not a fan of headbands (personally, they give me a huge headache) you can snap in a red bow directly into your hair. If you prefer something sturdier, you can snap or glue the bow onto any headband you wish. You can get the bow above at Icing for $4.94.


Lace Dress

This white, gold, and lace dress is very reminiscent of the one that Hanna wore for her queenly costume. You can purchase it online at AliExpress for $79.

Black Belt

A snowflake-inspired belt is a must for Hanna's outfit, which is seemingly an homage to the Snow Queen. You can get this black belt online at Maurice for $15.

Lace Up Shoes

Hanna wears an open-toed boot to prom, but any tall gladiator sandal will also do the trick. These cute strappy shoes are from Go Jane and are currently on sale for $30.12.


Black Crown

Emily's villain-y costume is pretty simple, but the crown totally brings it to life. You can purchase the above lace one from Etsy for $17.

Black Top

Emily wears a black V-neck to prom, and a leotard like the one above can help flatten the lines out when you put a maxi skirt over it while still giving you a deep neckline. You can purchase the one above from American Apparel for $36.

Maxi Skirt

You may not be able to get the couture gown that Emily rocks, but a floor-length grey skirt certainly pays homage to it. You can purchase this skirt on Etsy for $49. (If you're a DIY queen, you can add black fabric to the skirt that matches the pattern of Emily's above. You can get a yard of black chiffon silk from Michael's for $14.75.)

With your squad dressed as the Liars on prom night, you know you'll have a truly magical Halloween.

Images: ABC Family (5); Beautiful Halo; Saturday Night Fashion; Etsy (4); Target; Icing; AliExpress; Maurice; Go Jane; American Apparel