7 Non-Princess Disney Halloween Makeup Ideas

Halloween is rapidly approaching, and regardless of how much you thought about your costume in passing, the time comes when you've got to start prepping. That's when easy costumes become the most valuable thing you can find. These easy Disney Halloween makeup tutorials are the perfect way to create a simple, nostalgic costume that's going to be a total hit at the party you're headed to next weekend. While you may be thinking that a Disney makeup roundup is only going to consist of princesses, you'd be wrong. Some of the most popular Disney characters aren't even human, and they deserve just as much attention as Aurora and Jasmine.

During the Halloween season, tons of people go for new, interesting takes on traditional costumes, and some of them are especially awesome like feminist Disney Princess costumes. Other times, people want to embrace their love of a traditional Belle or Cinderella costume. Whether it's an easy hair tutorial or an epically awesome YouTube makeup tutorial on how to get your face just right, nabbing a princess look is easy with help from the internet. But what about your other favorite Disney characters though? Simba? Bambi? They all deserve attention, and there are tons of great options outside of your fave Disney ladies!


We all cried at the end of Bambi, which is all the more reason you should consider being the tiny deer for Halloween. This look is super cute and allows you to embrace your love of Disney.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie is an icon — need I say more? This Halloween makeup is also incredibly easy. Plus, this tutorial gives your extra costume help as well!


101 Dalmatians is often overlooked, but a Perdita costume is perfect at the last minute. Plus your S.O. can totally be Pongo. It's a perfect, easy couple's costume.

Cheshire Cat

This Cheshire cat makeup tutorial is an updated take on the movie version. It's not a literal tutorial, but is a totally cool and easy way to rock a more glam but still obvious look for Halloween.


This doesn't look exactly like Simba, but it'll definitely suffice. Plus, it's just so stinkin' cute!


Tinkerbell is a classic costume, and her look is gorgeously bright and fun.


Duchess was the matriarch of the Aristocats, and this tutorial — which gives you the look of a white cat — is ideal for the luck. Don't forget your pearls though!