7 Easy Disney Princess Hairstyles For Halloween Royals — VIDEOS

Too often, a great Halloween costume can be totally ruined by an uncomfortable and/or unsightly wig. When dressing up as a Disney princess, for instance, and trying to replicate Disney princess hairstyles, the ease of just buying a wig and clipping it onto your head is so tempting (especially when you don't have the required hair color or length). But the outcome is rarely ever as good or quirky as the DIY route.

Not only are costume wigs often uncomfortable and itchy as hell, but you're basically setting yourself up for problems later on. Drunk You will definitely rip the thing off during the night, so the second half of your selfies and Facebook photos will look like another Saturday Night Live Disney Princess sketch.

To avoid the trauma that comes with wig-wearing, consider following a hair tutorial on YouTube (and at least practicing it once before the night of so you know you can do it). Of course, some of these might involve a few extensions (what did you think was going to happen when you chose to be Rapunzel while simultaneously sporting a pixie cut?) as well as spray-in hair color. But those are easy fixes for matching your mane to your princess' without dyeing your locks permanently.

In the world of YouTube hair and beauty, things have been known to get tricky, but these tutorials are sure to be a lazy girl's dream. Watch them a few times, test run the look beforehand, tweak it to your own standards, and get ready to fulfill all those Disney princess goals.

1. Ariel

LittleLemoney on YouTube

Emily, or EMZSings, had the perfect hair for this style last year (she's now rocking a half and half pastel do), but don't let that deter you. As you can probably tell, Ariel's look is all about the bangs. Sweeping your hair across and hair spraying the hell out if just won't give it the cartoon bounce that The Little Mermaid's hair has. So follow this step by step for a stronger princess hairstyle.

2. Cinderella

Kayley Melissa on YouTube

Kayley Melissa actually has an entire series of Disney hairstyles for you to try. But this is far and away the easiest — even if it includes a bit of DIY hairband decorating. As she says, without the hairband this is a perfect up-do to repeat for a total Breakfast At Tiffany's look.

3. Belle

Tiani on YouTube

How sweet is it watching BeautyByTiani dance around while pretending to be Belle? Luckily for us, Belle's princess hairstyle is kind of similar to the half up, half down trend that's been rocking the world this year (thanks Ariana Grande). That makes this look just that little bit easier to emulate.

4. Elsa

Rotoscopers on YouTube

I personally feel that Elsa's hair is deceptively simple. You sit down expecting to do a braid and carry on with your life, but the reality (and the height of it) is way harder to achieve. Thankfully, Rotoscoper's amazing step by step tutorial proves it doesn't have to be that hard.

5. Snow White

itsjudytime on YouTube

This Snow White tutorial truly entrances me because Judy (itsjudytime) manages to take her hair from super long to a bob with just bobby pins. What kind of dark magic does it take to become the fairest of them all? It's actually pretty simple, once you get the hang of it.

6. Rapunzel

Jackie Wyers on YouTube

Don't get yourself into a tangle (hah) over this hair tutorial by Jackie Wyers. It will totally help if you have super long, super blonde hair already, but the point of this tutorial doesn't really focus on hair length, but rather the accessorizing. The addition of gorgeous flowers is what makes this look pretty as a princess.

7. Jasmine

Irene Mahmud Khan's Jasmine tutorial does include a makeup segment — so you can kill two birds with one stone — but if you don't need it, fast forward to minute 10:53 to get to the hairstyling. What I love about this look is that she hasn't gone for the iconic plait, but rather a different and more intricate spin on princess Jasmine's hair. The end look is stunning (which totally makes sense considering she deviated from the norm).

So, with the money you've saved on not purchasing a wig that you'll eventually destroy anyway, buy yourself some Halloween shots and go forth with the head banging. These super helpful tutorials are bound to make you fall in love with your own hair — and there's always a way to interpret them to your look and hair type if you don't have the long, straight locks these YouTubers are sporting. Who knows? You might even find yourself doing toned down versions for your day to day life.

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